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IRB Application Submission: Resources and Guidance

Save time: check for exemptions, follow the instructions, use the templates

If you are submitting your application for Expedited or Full IRB review, please save yourself time and trouble by preparing it according to the instructions. If your application does not contain the required elements, it will be returned for corrections instead of being forwarded for review.

Before you submit an IRB application, check to see if your research qualifies for Exemption. Exemption Requests take much less time and involve much less preparationn and NO training requirement. The majority (not all) of student projects qualify for exemption. Undergraduate classroom-only projects do not require any review (unless they pose risks to subjects).

Best Practices

To ensure your application will be reviewed and approved without delay:

  • See if your project qualifies for Exemption before you submit an IRB Application.
  • Download and read the Instructions if you are doing an IRB Application.
  • Make sure an application is actually required. If you aren't certain, ask.
  • Submit an IRB Inquiry Form if you have questions about an application in review.
  • If you are doing an IRB Application, complete CITI training first.
  • Submit your application as far in advance as possible.
  • Use the required templates, follow the instructions exactly, submit all the required documents.
  • Provide complete responses to IRB requests for revisions.