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ORSP Online Systems

Institutional Review Board (IRB) online application, review and administration

Institutional Review Board (IRB) online application

If your research involves human research subjects, you will need an IRB Approval or an Exemption. The online system allows you to:

  1. Submit a new IRB Application
  2. Submit a request for Exemption
  3. Submit a Continuation or Change to a currently approved IRB protocol.
  4. View your previously approved applications
  5. Review and approve your students' applications

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) online application

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) online application

If you are conducting funded or non-funded research or supervising academic instruction involving care and use of animals, you must obtain approval of the IACUC. Use the Bobcat Online Protocol system to:

  1. Submit a new protocol application
  2. Modify a protocol under review
  3. Renew or modify a previously approved protocol
  4. View your previously approved protocols

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Research Enhancement Program (REP) online application

Research Enhancement Program (REP) online application

Research Enhancement Program is an internal grant. All full-time Texas State faculty members with continuing nine-month academic appointments are eligible to apply. Tenured or tenure-track faculty may apply as principal investigators (PIs) or co-investigators (CIs). Non-tenure track faculty must hold the rank of Senior Lecturer and may only apply as co-investigators with tenured or tenure track faculty.

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data request

Data Request

ORSP provides data services to faculty members at Texas State University. Our service is limited to requests related to grant proposals. If you need institutional data, such as student enrollment history, degree awarded demographics, etc. for your research, please fill the online data request form.

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IMURA forum

Inter Mountain University Research Administrators(IMURA) discussion forum

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