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Requesting Access to Freeman Ranch Center for Research, Education, or Outreach

All plans for utilizing any of the premises of the Freeman Ranch (except the Lodge and Multi-Purpose Classroom) for funded or unfunded research, education, or outreach must be approved well in advance by the Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs. This applies to Texas State faculty, staff, and students as well as visiting scholars from other institutions.

These procedures are completely separate from any potential animal care and use protocols necessary for research or academic activities involving the use of live vertebrate animals. If you plan to use live vertebrate animals for your project, you also need to submit an IACUC protocol. See the IACUC website for protocol submission instructions. In addition, receiving IACUC approval for a project involving Freeman Ranch does NOT in any way constitute approval for access to Freeman Ranch


Access Request Form

Anyone  — faculty, staff, students, and visiting researchers — wishing to use the Freeman Ranch for research, education, or outreach must complete the Access Request Form below. This provides the Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs with basic project information and facilitates allocation of resources provided by the Freeman Ranch Center.

Requests will be cross-referenced against the inventory of currently active projects to determine the potential for conflicting demands on ranch resources, as well as the potential for synergistic, collaborative activities. Please allow time for information gathering, assessment and final approval processes particularly for class-related projects.

Unfunded Research

Texas State University encourages the use of Freeman Ranch for unfunded research projects conducted by faculty, staff and students from all academic disciplines.  Approvals may be granted for an entire class or individual students depending on the specific circumstances. If the research is related to classroom activities, the instructor of record should submit the request. If students are conducting independent research projects, complete contact information for a supervising faculty member or Center Director must be included on the form.

Visiting Researchers

Research conducted by visiting scholars at the Freeman Ranch must explicitly benefit Texas State University and a Texas State faculty member must serve as a co-investigator or liaison. It is the responsibility of the visiting researcher to ensure compliance with federal animal care and use policies and relevant permitting authorities and to present IACUC protocol approvals from their home institutions, state or federal permits, and other relevant documentation to the chair of the Texas State IACUC prior to conducting any research activity involving the use of live vertebrate animals on Texas State premises.


If you need assistance or have questions about usage of Freeman Ranch Center, please contact Dr. Michael Blanda at or 245-2314

Form Instructions:

Fields with asterisks cannot be left empty. Use "N/A," "see attached," or the number "0" if necessary.

Uploaded files must be in doc, .txt, or .pdf format.

Be sure to click the Submit Your Request button when finished. Upon completion, you should see a confirmation screen and receive an email copy of your form data. If you do not, re-submit the form.

Freeman Ranch Entrance

Please note that requests for access to Freeman Ranch must be submitted at least 7 days before the planned start date of your project.

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