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What can the ORSP do for me?

Negotiation of sponsored contracts

ORSP works with faculty, staff and their research partners to negotiate and finalize contracts for sponsored projects. ORSP will function as a liaison between the sponsor and the university employees to establish agreements that comply with federal, state and university policy. ORSP's goal is to find flexible solutions to meet the needs of our research partners.

Establish subcontracts

ORSP will work with faculty and staff to develop subcontracts to our partners for projects in which Texas State University is the lead institution.

Intellectual property (IP) management

ORSP, in collaboration with the intellectual property committee, will collect IP disclosures and file the necessary IP reports to sponsors. For more information on IP management please follow this link (Site yet to be built)

Steps for Contract Processing

The scope of work and budget should be submitted via GAMS just like any other proposal. Upon receipt of a contract document, the Contract Specialist will review the terms and conditions, notify the Proposal Coordinator, and route the contract document for approval.

If some of the terms prove problematic, the Contract Specialist will initiate negotiations with the Sponsor. After all parties reach an agreement, the contract is forwarded for institutional signature.

ONLY the President of the university and her designated signatories have the authority to sign contracts. Walter E. Horton Jr.  and Kay Beauchamp may sign most contracts.

There may be instances where a sponsor does not have their own contract document. In these cases, we will supply our template and modify as needed.