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Faculty with Sustainability Research and Publication

Link Department
Dr. Mira Ahn Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Audwin Anderson Sociology
Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Gary Beall Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Denise Blanchard-Boehm Geography
Dr. Timothy Bonner Biology
Dr. William Brittain Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Tina Cade Agriculture
Dr. Ivan Castro-Arellano Biology
Dr. Joni Charles McCoy College of Business Admin
Dr. Tzee Kiu Chow Geography
Dr. Sylvia Crixell Family & Consumer Sciences
Jeffrey Davis Art and Design
Dr. Patricia Denton History
Dr. Albert Dietz Occupational Workforce Leadership
Dr. Richard Dixon Geography
Dr. Ravindranath Droopad Physics
Dr. Richard Earl Geography
Dr. Matthew Eichler Occupational Workforce Leadership
Dr. Willard Fields III Political Science
Dr. Michael Forstner Biology
Dr. Mario Cristian Gaedicke Hornung Engineering Technology
Dr. Dana Garcia Biology
Dr. Michael Green Biology
Dr. Alan Groeger Biology
Dr. Ronald Hagelman III Geography
Dr. Dittmar Hahn Biology
Dr. Janet Hale McCoy College of Business Admin
Dr. Craig Hanks Philosophy
Frederick H Hanselmann Archaeological Studies, Ctr for
Dr. Deborah Harris Sociology
Dr. Collen Hiner Geography
Dr. Jiong Hu Engineering Technology
Dr. Donald Huebner Geography
Dr. Gwendolyn Hustvedt Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Irvin Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Jennifer Jensen Geography
Dr. Tongdan Jin Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Jason Julian Geography
Dr. Yijun Kang Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Elizabeth Kanon Philosophy
Dr. Yoo-Jae Kim Engineering Technology
Dr. Susan Kirby McCoy College of Business Admin
Dr. Soon Jae Lee Engineering Technology
Dr. Glenn Longley Edwards Aquifer Research
Dr. Vicente Lopes Biology
Dr. Omar Lopez Occupational Workforce Leadership
Dr. Vincent Luizzi Philosophy
Shae Renee Luther Political Science
Dr. Noland Martin Biology
Dr. Stanley McClellan Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Audrey McKinney Philosophy
Dr. Kenneth Mix Agriculture
Dr. Sandra Moody Biology
Dr. Susan Morrison English
Dr. Osvaldo Muniz Solari Geography
Dr. Chris Nice Biology
Dr. Edwin Piner Physics
Dr. Nathan Pino Sociology
Dr. Robert Price Sociology
Dr. Charles Rahe Agriculture
Dr. Dianne Rahm Political Science
Dr. Walter Rast Biology
Dr. Carl Richardson Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Rudy Rosen Biology
Dr. Jay Ryu Family & Consumer Sciences
Dr. Andrew Sansom Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Dr. Benjamin Schwartz Biology
Dr. Susan Schwinning Biology
Dr. Thomas Simpson Biology
Dr. Chad Smith Sociology
Dr. Vederaman Sriraman Engineering Technology
Dr. Luyi Sun Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Jitendra Tate Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Cecilia Temponi McCoy College of Business Admin
Dr. Joseph Tomasso Jr. Biology
Dr. Anthony Torres Engineering Technology
Dr. Linette Watkins Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Julie Westerlund Biology
Dr. Paula Williamson Biology
Dr. Qingkai Yu Ingram School of Engineering
Dr. Yixin Zhang Biology
Dr. Ziliang Zong Computer Science