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Electromagnetic Field Theory 2

Spring 2015.

PHYS4310 class Fall 2014


Syllabus (pdf)

Homework Assignments


Homework Keys: Key HW 5_1, HWKeyProblem5_10b, Key HW5_2, KeyHW5_3, Key_HW5_4, Key_HW6_1, Key_HW6_2, Key HW6_3, Key_HW7_1, Key_HW7_2, Key_HW7_3, Key_HW7_4, Key_HW7_5, Key_HW8_1, Key_HW8_2, Key_HW9_1, Key_HW9_2.


Summaries for EM2:

Summary chapter 5 (WG)

Summary chapter 6 (WG)

Summary magnetic Materials (chapter 6.4.2 + lecture) (WG)

Summary Chapter 7 (WG), Amperes-Maxwells law discussion on capacitor, Equation summary chapter 7

Summary Chapter 8 (only section 8.1, 8.2.1, 8.2.3).


Summaries for EMT1:

Summary chapter 1

Summary chapter 2

Summary chapter 3

Summary solving Laplaces equation (Chapter 3) (WG)

Summary chapter 4

Summary chapter 4 (WG)


Simulations Assignments

Objectives (see syllabus)

In addition to the text book you might find the following texts useful:
a. Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory, Reitz, Milford, Christy b. Classical Electromagnetism, Robert H. Good, 1999, ISBN 0-03-022353-9.

Comsol MultiPhysics
Feynman lectures.


divergence website 1

divergence website 2

Curl website1

curl website 2