Program Details

The REST (Research Experience for Science Teachers) workshop aims to advance the science teaching experience for high school teachers and students.

One of the goals is to demonstrate how research and education are integrated with each other and how knowledge across disciplines is interrelated. The participants will see first-hand how students and researchers interact with each other, how scientists think and solve real-world problems.

It is part of an initiative funded by NSF grant and it will be conducted through the Physics department at Texas State University in San Marcos on August 1-5, 2016. The week-long activities include a hands-on project to fabricate a pattern similar to the bobcat logo shown at the attached poster and presentations on the applications of nanotechnology in areas such as:

  • Medicine: Diagnostics and Drug Delivery
  • Machinery: Materials and Coating
  • Environment: Filtration and Purification
  • Energy: Catalysts and Converters, Solar Cells
  • Electronics: Semiconductor and Switches
  • Textiles/Novel Fabrics

We will be using a suite of equipment to fabricate and characterize thin films and devices:

Analysis RSC

Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory

Nanofabrication Cleanroom

At the end of the workshop, we will provide the participants with a Training Certificate for Professional Development Credit and a set of slides that they can share/present to their students.