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Media Archive

Moral Theory and Engineering Ethics
Dr. Ed Harris, Texas A&M University
April 2016

Justice in the Global Village
Carlos Fuentes as Modernist Author

Maarten van Delden

November 2012

1st Colloquium on Latin American Thought, History, and Culture
February 2012

"Not of this World":
The Uncomfortable Relation of Philosophy and the Present

Anarya Santory Jorge,
University of Puerto Rico

Weaving the Aztec Cosmos: The Metaphysics of
the Fifth Age

James Maffie,
University of Maryland

Feminist Philosophy in Latin America: Sor Juana Ines to Carlos Vaz Ferreira
Amy Oliver,
American University

The Spirit of Science and the Science of Spirits: Positivism and the Afterlife in fin-de-siécle Argentina
James Cane-Carrasco,
University of Oklahoma

Integrity, Stability and Beauty
The New Environmental Ethic for the Century Just Born

Dr. Lisa Newton

March 2009