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Instructional Assistants

Dr. Craig Hanks
PHIL 1320.262 CRN# 33268

Shadi Maleki,

Dr. Bob Fischer
PHIL 1320.257 CRN# 33846

Ashley Allcorn,
Jonathan Lollar,
Enrique Montemayor,
Schiniece Owens,

Dr. Jonathan Surovell
PHIL 1320.272 CRN# 36199

Nick Cantu,
Travis Stockton,
Jamal Faisal,
Blake Edwards,

Dr. Holly Lewis

Shaun Ford,
Thomas Sievers,

Dr. Greg Moses
PHIL 1320.299 CRN# 37662

Alex Cortez,
Stefan Sanchez,
Nick Scott,
Luna Wilson,

Dr. Bob O'Connor

Jasmine Thomas,


Offices: Comal 203

Office Hours:  Be sure to check your course syllabus or contact your IA.

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Application and Information about Instructional Assistantships in Philosophy at Texas State University

Each semester Graduate Students who serve as Instructional Assistants work with over 1000 undergraduate students in PHIL 1305 and PHIL 1320.  As an IA, you will assist a member of the Philosophy Department Faculty in designing and delivering one of the required core courses in Philosophy.  Thoughout you will help students engage the core texts, concepts, and problems of Philosophy.  IAs work with face-to-face lecture classes, and also with hybrid and on-line sections.  Serving as an IA is an excellent opportunity to develop as a teacher, and as a scholar. 

We hold interviews each Fall and Spring semester. 

Spring Application Deadline: April 1st
Fall Application Deadline: November 1st


Click Here for an IA Application

Click here to submit an IA application online

Click here if you are submitting a letter of recommendation on behalf of a student.