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Annual Student Symposium

A day-long symposium featuring presentations of some of the best undergraduate and graduate student work from across the region.  Submitted papers are reviewed and the best selected for inclusion in the program.  The Symposium is held in the Philosophy Dialogue Room (PSY 132).

  • Submissions should be suitable for a 20-minute presentation (8-12 pages).
  • The symposium is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Paper submissions on any philosophical topic are welcome.


Send your paper to Professor Carson.

Upcoming Event

17th Annual Texas State University Philosophy Symposium -- Friday, April 4, 2014


9:30                        Coffee and Welcome
                                Anthony Megie, Vice-President, Phi Sigma Tau
9:45-10:25           Alan Alanís (Texas State University)
                                “A Cosmic Race and a Mestizo Thinking”
                                Comments: Julian Gonzales (Texas State University)
10:30-11:10         Zachary Russell (Texas State University)
                                “Madness and King Lear”
                                Comments:  Angela Leibold (Texas State University)
11:15-12:00         Keynote Address
                                Shane Denson (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover; Texas State alumnus)
                        "Philosophy of Science De-Naturalized:
                        Notes towards a Postnatural Philosophy of Media"       
12:00-1:00           Lunch (served in DERR 111A, adjacent to the Dialogue Room)
1:00-1:40              Travis Stockton (Texas State University)
                                “The Fighting Stallions: 
                                A Look into Mob Dialogue in Free Speech Zones”
                                Comments: Joseph Edmondson
1:45-2:10              Coleen Watson
                                “Darwinian Economics:  An Evaluation of Two Methods”
                                Comments: Dylan Thomas
2:15-2:55              Katherine Rompel
                                “Woman Speaks With Nature:  Creating a Gender-Inclusive Approach to the Treadmill of Production”
                                Comments: Coleen Watson

Previous Events


Morning Session

10:30 Nolan Burris, Texas State University
Penalties of Non-perfection:
No Pass, No Play, No Education

11:00 Anthony Stephenson, Texas State University
Education for Life

11:30 Greg Garber, Texas State University
The Integral Relationship Between Science and Religion

Lunch Break 11:30-1:00

Afternoon Session

1:00 Charles C. Carpenter and Ted Cera, Texas State University
Tragedy of the Commons’ Built Environment

2:00 Paul Stearns, Oklahoma State University
A Meta-Ethical Analysis of Kohlberg’s Moral Theory

2:30 Matthew Hansbauer, University of Dallas
The Wisdom of the Soul, Writ Large: The Theology of Republic II


Morning Session

10:00 Jon Faviell, University of Texas
The Miracles of Science. Science and Religion in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

10:30 Mark Rothbauer, Texas State University
Evolution: Updating Personal Identity

1:00  Scott Beggs, Baylor University
Could Possibility Exist for the Naturalist?

11:30 Richard Simoes, Texas State University
Scientific Deductivism's Failure.

Lunch 12:00-1:00

Afternoon Session
1:00 Danieile Wenner, Rice University
The Supererogation Problem

1:30 Bret Saunders, University of Dallas
The Temporalization of the Ego in Marion's Cartesian Onto-theo-logy

2:00  Matthew Hansbauer, University of Dallas
The Eternity of Philosophy: Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

2:30 Silvia Elguea, Texas State University
Environmental Ethics and the Poor

3:00 Christina Nelson, University of North Texas
Ecofeminism vs. Deep Ecology

3:30 Phi Sigma Tau Spring Initiation