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Undergraduate - Value Studies Minor


Philosophy Seminar Class

This minor allows a student with special interest in moral value theory to pursue a course of study which culminates in an independent research project in value studies. This project may be a study of a theoretical issue in value studies or something of an applied nature; students may affiliate with people in various work environments or service learning settings to identify value conflicts and suggest resolutions. This minor is comprised of 18 hours of course work from the classes listed below.

Required Courses: 6 hours

  • PHIL 1305 (Philosophy & Critical Thinking) or PHIL 1320 (Ethics and Society)
  • PHIL 4388 Problems in Philosophy (Independent research project in value studies)


Required Electives: 12 hours

Select from the following:

  •  PHIL 3321 Contemporary Moral Problems: Exploration of the philosophical dimensions of contemporary moral problems such as abortion, euthanasia, poverty, animal rights, nuclear war, and privacy in a computer age. May be repeated once for additional credit.
  • PHIL 3322 Professional Ethics: Study of major topics in business and professional ethics, including what a profession is, whether it differs from business, and what is involved with the moral education, social responsibilities, and ethical standards of professionals and business people.
  • PHIL 3323 Environmental Ethics: Study of ethical issues associated with the environment including nature, use, prevention and restoration of the environment.
  • PHIL 3324 The Meaning of Life: Investigation of major theories of the meaning of life in Western and Eastern philosophies.
  • PHIL 3332 Social and Political Philosophy: Critical examination of major theories concerning the organization of societies and governments.
  • PHIL 3333 Feminist Theory: This course will examine major feminist theories including liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, and post-modernist feminism with an eye especially to revealing the complexity and diversity of contemporary feminist thought.
  • PHIL 4350 Philosophy of the Arts: A critical and historical analysis of the nature of aesthetic experience and creative genius.
  • PHIL 4351 Philosophy of Education: Study of major philosophical theories on the nature, values, and purpose of education.