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Faculty Publication: Joe Laycock - Dangerous Games

Professor Joseph Laycock's newest publication Dangerous Games explores both the history and the sociological significance of the 1980s moral panic over fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.  Professor Laycock is an expert on presentions of Religion in Popular Culture.

"Joseph P. Laycock's book delves into the minds of both avid gamers and evangelical Christians and returns with surprising and unsettling conclusions. Gaming, Laycock shows, teaches social and psychological strategies to resist cultural authority and to view reality from radically new perspectives. This book affirms the transformational power that motivates this increasingly popular activity, and thus it is essential reading for scholars of both contemporary popular culture and American religions."—Bill Ellis, Professor Emeritus, English and American Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Faculty Publication: Steve Bein - Disciple of the Wind: A Novel of the Fated Blades

Steve Bein, one of the newest members of our department, celebrates the publication of his novel Disciple of the Wind , the third book in his Fated Blades series.

“Bein’s gripping debut is a meticulously researched, highly detailed blend of urban and historical fantasy set in modern Tokyo.…Bein’s scrupulous attention to verisimilitude helps bring all the settings to life, respectfully showcasing Japan’s distinctive cultures and attitudes.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Professor Fischer Participates in International Conference on Modal Espitemology

New AnswerProfessor Bob Fischer travelled to Aarhus University in Denmark on 24-26 September to participate in the International Conference on the Epistemology of Modality. Modal epistemology is the study of how and what humans can know about possibilities.  Professor Fischer is co-editing, with Felipe Leon (El Camino College) a forthcoming book, Modal Epistemology After Rationalism (Springer).

Faculty Publication: Joe Laycock publishes on "Rival Vision of Evil"

Professor Joseph Laycock's newest publication is "The Trial of the West Memphis Three: Rival Visions of Evil" in A History of Evil in Popular Culture in America.  Professor Laycock is an expert on presentions of Religion in Popular Culture. He is currently teaching a course on Film and Religion, and is the Author of Vampires Today: The Truth about Modern Vampirism.

Faculty Publication: Charlie Hobbs on "Epicurean Pragmatism"

Charlie Hobbs, a new faculty member in Philosophy, is the author of "Epicurean Pragmatism," just published in Dewey and the Ancients: Essays on Hellenic and Hellenistic Themes in the Philosophy of John Dewey (Bloomsbury Studies in American Philosophy). From the publisher: "By examining, in detail, Dewey's treatment and appropriation of Greek thought, the authors in this volume reveal an otherwise largely overlooked facet of his intellectual development and finalized ideas."

Faculty Publication: Steve Bein - THE SAGA OF THE FATED BLADES CONTINUES

Steve Bein, one of the newest members of our department, celebrates the publication of his novel Year of the Demon: A Novel of the Fated Blades, the second book in his Fated Blades series.

Professor Bein weaves together his knowledge of philosophy, Japanese culture, martial arts, and ethics in a book described as combining "the best parts of police procedurals, buddy-cop films, historical fantasy, and intrigue-laden adventure, enhancing them with painstaking research and attention to atmosphere." - Publishers' Weekly

Department Member Leads Workshop on the Thought of Matrin Luther King, Jr.

rofessor Greg Moses led a seminar on the work and thought of Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of the 10th Biennial Personalist Seminar, an international gathering of scholars at Western Carolina University in August 2014.

Professor Moses is the author of Revolution of Conscience: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Philosophy of Nonviolence.

Faculty Publication: Greg Moses co-edits Peace Philosophy and Public Life

"To a world assaulted by private interests, this book argues that peace must be a public thing."

Professor Greg Moses has co-edited a new collection of essays, Peace Philosophy and Public Life with Gail Presby, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Detroit-Mercy. The book is part of the Value Inquiry Book Series.

Texas State Graduate Students take 1st place at International Business Ethics Case Competition

Three graduate students from Texas State brought home two first place trophies from the International Business Ethics Case Competition held May 7-9 in Tucson, Ariz.

Congratulations  to Shanna Shultz (Comm Studies), Alejandro David Tamez (Philosophy), and Coleen Watson (Philosophy) for winning this international business ethics case competition!  They competed against teams from Hungary, Spain, Canada, France, England, and the United States. Professor Jo Ann Carson (Philosophy) was the team sponsor and mentor!

Faculty Publication: Iván Márquez publishes "Minima Moralis" in Revista Cronopio MINIMA MORALIS: DEL INDIVIDUALISMO CIEGO A LA INDIVIDUALIDAD CONSCIENTE

Por Iván Márquez*


Uno de los fenómenos más importantes para el desarrollo de la modernidad occidental fue la separación de la Iglesia y el Estado. Esta separación, junto con la tolerancia religiosa que usualmente la acompaña, dio paso a un mundo donde todo ciudadano tenía la libertad y el derecho a adoptar cualquier sistema de creencias que él o ella prefiriese, siempre y cuando esto no violase el derecho de los demás a hacer lo mismo.