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Hiring International Employees

International Employees






Are you responsible for processing the paperwork on international employees  or international independent contractors? If so, you will want to attend this workshop.

You will learn the basics of completing all the necessary forms for the international employees you hire. Following the correct procedures will ensure that your employees will be paid accurately and on time.

The following information will be covered by the panel:

  • overview of the international employment process
  • step-by-step instructions
  • I-9, I-20, DS-2019 and other necessary forms
  • common errors
  • review of material (handouts will be distributed)

Registration opens approximately 3 weeks prior and closes 1 week prior.

To register for this workshop:

  1. Sign in to your SAP Portal
  2. Click on the Training and Development tab

If you require special accommodations to participate, please call 245.7899 at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Go to to register on-line and click on the Training and Development tab. Locate this workshop in the Course Catalog under Organizational Excellence.