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Course Management Request Form

Course Management through SAP is an opportunity for Texas State offices to utilize the SAP system for an individually held workshop/training. Offices can submit requests for course management in SAP for a workshop/training being offered for a specific audience by filling out the form below. Once the form is submitted, Professional Development will determine whether or not we can process your course in SAP. You will be contacted within one week to discuss your request. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Karen Hollensbe at or 245.7899.

Course Management Through SAP Form

he following services will be provided by Professional Development through the course management process:

  1. listing of course registration, sign-up in SAP:Training and Development (Please note the course will not be listed as a Professional Development course.)
  2. use of the generic email templates for correspondence
    • A Booking Confirmation is sent automatically when someone registers with the option to place workshop on the participant's calendar
    • A Course Cancellation is sent automatically when a particpant cancels or a course has been canceled
    • A Course Change is sent automatically when there is a change to the room, date, or time of the course
    • A Course Reminder is sent automatically the day before the course date
    • A Course Attendance Confirmation is sent automatically when a participant's attendance is confirmed
  3. option to apply a certification to the course (i.e., the Travel Office requires recertification every year with a qualification that will expire. Participants will be sent a notice that their recertification is due soon)
  4. access to SAP for registration information:
    • participant list
    • wait list
  5. use of existing customized reports in SAP for follow-up and statistical and records purposes:
    • attendance report
    • other reports available upon request
  6. closure of registration for courses the day before the course date
Personnel in the office requesting the course to be administered in SAP will be responsible for:
  • submission of the Course Management Through SAP form at least one month prior to the anticipated course date
  • advertisement and/or notification to possible participants
  • any materials or arrangements required for the course
  • running any reports
  • verification of attendance using the SAP administrator functions