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Hiring Selection

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If application materials are missing for an applicant, can the committee call them to submit missing materials?

Yes, but all applicants who are missing materials must also be contacted.

The candidate for our requisition has declined the job. What is the procedure?

Move to the 1st place alternate. Start the process with Human Resources. If no alternate is listed, the job may be closed as a no-hire and then re-post.


How should the matrix look in reference to required/ preferred?

All required listed on the posting must be listed on the matrix. If preferred is listed, make a separate section or add a division. You must use all the preferred on the matrix if some of the preferred is used. The matrix is a necessary tool to determine the best ranked candidate in the applicant pool. It is to the hiring manager's advantage to create a fair, complete matrix.


Can we send a matrix to make sure it is appropriate before sending the requisition?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to provide feedback for your consideration.



Do I have to send all the applicant files for every applicant with the Faculty Applicant Log Interviews?


Yes, however, the Office of Equity and Access is currently piloting an electronic transfer of applications for the faculty hiring process. This process is not complete and we will continue to require paper-format for all applicants' files.


Can the committee begin review of application materials prior to the closing/review date?


Yes, only if the committee has finalized its matrix for assessing all applicants.


Is the committee required to review applications after the closing/review date?

a.       If a closing date is selected, the committee is not required to review any application materials after that date.

b.      If a review date is selected, the committee can choose to review application materials if the committee decides to begin a second round of reviews