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What are Consensual Relations?

A consensual relationship is a mutually acceptable, romantic, or sexual relationship between a university employee (including a student employee) who is directly supervised, taught, evaluated, or advised by that university employee. It is a conflict of interest because of the impropriety that arises when individuals with the authority to evaluate the work or performance of an employee and/or student.

It is the policy of Texas State University that employees with direct teaching, supervisory, advisory, or evaluative responsibility over other employees, students, or student employees recognize and respect the ethical and professional boundaries that must exist in such situations. While relationships between consenting adults are a personal matter, they can create potential conflicts in the workplace and in the educational setting. Such relationships also contain the potential for exploitation of an employee, student, or student employee and the possible professional or academic disadvantage of third parties. 

Should such a relationship develop, the teacher, supervisor, or advisor has the obligation to disclose its existence to an immediate supervisor and cooperate in making alternative arrangements including reassignment of either party or other action to change the power relationship created due to supervision, evaluation, grading, or advising.