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Discrimination Complaints

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I feel like I have been discriminated against according to the Texas State University System Sexual Misconduct Policy and/or UPPS 04.04.46. What do I do?

Write down the details - who, when, where, what was said or done, any witnesses, etc. Be as specific as possible. Report discrimination to the Office of Equity and Access (512.245.2539). A formal discrimination complaint form is posted as an attachment to UPPS 04.04.46. A report of sexual misconduct can be reported on the Sexual Misconduct Webline.


Where can I report discrimination claims by a faculty or staff member if I am a student?

Students who believe they have experienced discrimination or retaliation by faculty, staff, or contractors should report their concerns to the Office of Equity and Access.


How would I report a discrimination claim to the Office of Equity and Access?

A report of suspected discrimination or retaliation may be made in person or a complaint form may be turned in to the Office of Equity and Access.


Where can I find a complaint form?

Complaint forms can be accessed by clicking here.


What constitutes as Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual Misconduct is a broad term encompassing a range of non- consensual sexual activity or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature. The term includes but is not limited to sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Sexual misconduct can be committed by men or women, strangers or acquaintances, and can occur between or among people of the same or opposite sex.

A report of Sexual Misconduct can be made through the Sexual Misconduct Webline.