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Policy and Procedure

PPS 5.16 Word               

PPS 5.16 PDF

  PPS 4.10, “Faculty Authored Teaching Materials” 

 UPPS 01.04.20, “Copyright Guidelines for Musical Performances on Campus”

 UPPS 01.04.21, “Copyright Guidelines for the Texas State Albert B. Alkek Library”  

UPPS 01.04.22, “Copyright Guidelines for Classroom Use and Research”

UPPS 01.04.23, “Copyright Guidelines for the Showing Movies on Campus”

UPPS 01.04.24, “Policy on Copyrighted Microcomputer Software” 

UPPS 01.04.25, “Distance Education: Intellectual Property” 

Texas State Policy:

Texas Education Code 51.912

Regent’s Rules Chapter III sections 11.16-11.18

UPPS 04.04.06 Outside Employment Activities

UPPS 01.04.02 Ethics Policy

NSF 08-1 January 2008 Chapter IV - Grantee Standards

NIH FCOI (42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F)