Inventor Handbook (PDF,429 KB)

Gov Small Business Handbook



Check out the Governor's Small Business Handbook

Just updated in November 2014, it's 122 pages of resources and information presented in a logical, concise format. A great handbook for anyone starting or growing a business in Texas! Download the pdf here!

Quik Mart Business Plan Sample

This list of resources was initially compiled by Deborah Toodle, Executive Producer with Elevated Evolution.  We're extremely grateful to Deborah for allowing us to share this list with you and we continue to add to this list as we come across more valuable resources for our small business community.  Deborah can be reached at 512-484-7472 or by email at 

Principles and Policies For Industry Activities : Principles and Policies for Industry Activities (PDF,65 KB)

Licensing Guide (PDF,176 KB)