Invention Disclosure

Prior to ANY public disclosure:  publication, presentations, student poster presentations, thesis or dissertations

  • Complete the Disclosure Form from our website and submit form to Dr.  Reddy Venumbaka or Teresa Carey.  The disclosure form documents the circumstances under which your invention occurred and provides the information necessary to evaluate patentability, inventor/authorship issues, commercial potential, and any obligations to research sponsors. It also begins the process that may lead to the commercialization of your discovery.
  •  Protecting the intellectual property depends on receiving a timely disclosure. Inventors/researchers should submit a disclosure form to the OCIR for all inventions and copyrightable works that you feel may solve a significant problem and/or have significant commercial value. If government funds were used for your research, you are required to file a prompt disclosure so the Texas State may meet its reporting requirements to the sponsoring agency. Similar requirements may exist for other sponsored projects.
  • The disclosure to the OCIR is NOT a public disclosure.
  • Respond to requests for information and documentation. Your cooperation with the OCIR and our IP attorney is essential to the process.
  • Keep OCIR informed of publications, talks, and interactions with companies related to your discovery.
Invention Disclosure Form New-2 : Invention Disclosure Form (DOCX,43 KB)