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University to host Race, Ethnicity and Place Conference

Date of Release: 06/08/2006

SAN MARCOS—The third international Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference will be held at Texas State University-San Marcos on November 1-4, 2006.

In the 2006-07 academic year Texas State University will commemorate the centennial of the matriculation of the first Latino student, Maria Elena Zamora O'Shea, on its campus. Texas State will hold several celebratory events during the year. The highlight of these events will be the international Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference III. Binghamton University (SUNY), one of the nation's top fifty public universities, and Howard University, the "Harvard" of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, hosted the first two conferences and with others, including CenturyTel, the City of San Marcos, and Hays County, are co-sponsors of the Texas State event.

This international conference will include nationally distinguished public speakers, scholars of various disciplines from throughout the world, and students from across the continent who will discuss contemporary diversity and equity issues, particularly those affecting Latinos and African Americans. Important conference themes that touch people of all racial and ethnic heritages will be quality education, healthcare accessibility, affordable housing, and immigration.

Accompanying the conference will be a Fiesta de Cien Años to be held on campus for the entire San Marcos community on Saturday afternoon, October 14.

On behalf of CenturyTel, John Navarrette recently presented $1,000 to kick off local San Marcos community support for the REP III conference. Additionally, John and his wife, Cloe Navarrette, made a personal donation of $1,000 to Texas State students and Rep III volunteers Laramie McWilliams and Keith Bremer.

To register or submit paper/poster/session abstracts for the Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference III, visit its Website at For additional details about the conference or fiesta, e-mail or phone (512) 245-7618.