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Texas State News Tips

Students, faculty and staff — if your department is planning an event; a professor, staff or student has been honored; or the department has a program in need of attention, please assist the Media Relations staff with spreading the news.

Please contact a University News staff member at 5-2180 or click on the link below. If your submission qualifies for distribution, we will either contact you for more detailed information, or we will edit the information for Texas State/journalistic style, present you with a draft of the release, and forward the final release to the appropriate media.

Please note that while we understand many activities at Texas State are important and warrant attention, not all information submitted will be sent to media. Media release is determined based on news value, determined by the media relations staff. However, we will also consider placing the information in Texas State publications and on the Texas State web site, as well as offer suggestions for alternative publicity.

All news tips should be submitted in a timely manner. Requests for advance coverage should be submitted at least week prior to the scheduled event.

All information is verified before release, so please provide complete, accurate and timely information. Please type all responses in appropriate upper and lower cases.

Due to limited resources, University News Service cannot respond to news tips that do not conform to these guidelines.