These proposed standards for instructional supervision and related professional development activities originally were published in Standards for Instructional Supervision: Enhancing Teaching and Learning edited by Stephen P. Gordon and published by Eye on Education .

For the purpose of developing the standards, instructional supervision is defined as leadership for the enhancement of teaching and learning. Thus, it assumes that supervision may be provided by not only formally designated supervisors but also any and all instructional leaders, including principals, department chairs, team leaders, lead teachers, specialists, and regular classroom teachers.

The standards proposed here are standards for school-based supervision programs. Because everyone in a successful school is responsible to some extent for instructional supervision, standards need to be developed for a school’s supervision system, not just for individual leaders or the graduate programs that prepare them. Standards adopted by the school should be agreed upon by the school’s entire professional community, with all members of the school community accepting responsibility for helping to meet the standards. Also, schools should be able to revise and adapt standards so they are relevant to local school contexts and goals. Although the standards are intended for school supervision programs they also have implications for the development of supervisor preparation programs and the improved performance of individual supervisors.

If standards are to be truly educative, they must be closely linked to professional development for supervisors and other instructional leaders. Thus examples of professional development activities designed to assist leaders and programs to meet standards are provided. Most activities include criteria to assess the effectiveness of the professional development activity.

The proposed standards are intended as a starting point rather than an end point in the development of supervision standards. The authors invite scholars and practitioners across the nation to begin a broader discussion of standards for instructional supervision. We invite comments on the proposed standards and professional development activities as well as the submission of proposals for new standards and professional development activities.




The Standards for Instructional Supervision