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Summer Teacher Institute

The Summer Teacher Institute is designed to prepare schools to use the Mathworks curriculum during the school year.  Mathworks provides teacher professional development, equipping middle school teachers with the mathematical background and training needed to prepare all students for success in algebra. This teacher training program is designed to:
  • Enable teachers to use the Mathworks school-year curriculum, Math Explorations
  • Train teachers to successfully begin teaching pre-algebra and algebraic concepts at the middle school level.
  • Develop teams of teachers who are prepared to guide students for success in algebra and more advanced math courses

This two-week training program is conducted each summer in San Marcos in early June, coinciding with the Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC) program.  In the morning, teacher trainees will actively observe master teachers and students during the half-day Junior Summer Math Camp program. In the afternoon, teachers participate in a class covering pedagogy and teaching methods tied to the Mathworks curriculum.  For more information about our teacher training, please contact us at 512-245-3439 or mathworks@txstate.edu.

The Mathworks summer teacher training program includes:
  • 30 hours – working with master teachers during the mornings at our half-day Junior Summer Math Camp
  • 30 hours – attending a class in the afternoons
Program cost $3,000. Includes tuition, supplies, and room and board for the two weeks.
Possible funding support available through grant funding and district support. Contact us for additional information.
Note: A total of 45 hours of Professional Continuing Education hours are awarded, approved by the State Board for Education (SBOE). 

Testimonials From Teachers Who Have Experienced Mathworks Teacher Training

  • "I feel excited about going back home and taking what I learned and applying it.  I have gained a new perspective.  Before I had never thought it possible to teach algebra to such young kids, but I am now a believer.  I look forward to coming back next summer."
  • "The curriculum is quality mathematics for all, not watered down, designed to meet the needs of all students."
  • "This program provides strong support and places high expectations for each student in a variety of situations which allows the students to engage in high-level thinking and learning activities."
  • "I am looking forward to taking what I learned here and applying it with my students.  I believe the approach and style of having the students explore and discover the rules and applications of math will benefit them tremendously.  Rather than tell them and drill them with rules and and then practice on just worksheets.  I look forward to the implementation of this curriculum which will lead to an exciting and adventurous year."
  • "The morning classes [in the math camp] were very interesting and helpful.  I enjoyed the activities and plan to use them in my classroom.  The graduate course was eye-opening.  Discussing not only methods to use in class, but going into detail about 'why' we teach things in a certain way."
  • "The training has greatly affected me.  I definitely think that I will use what I learned.  The students at our school will benefit from this program, because I believe they have been waiting for this type of curriculum.  It will make them think, explore, and have a lot of fun."
  • "I know for a fact that everything I learned in the Math Camp, I will use in the classroom with my students.  The activities, explorations, and the scope and sequence of all the topics in the textbooks will greatly help me as a teacher."

 Mathworks Curriculum Guiding Principles

Download our research-based guiding principles.