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Middle School Math Curriculum: Math Explorations

  • Series of three textbooks for middle school math: 6th - 8th grades

  • Building a solid foundation for success in algebra and on the STAAR exams

  • Includes hands-on math activities

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Download a flyer about the curriculum.

"Some curriculums are just skill-based, some curriculums are just problem-based.  And this one - it melds both of those things together.  So the kids are getting skills, and they're figuring out story problems, and understanding why things are happening." - Middle School Math Teacher

"Product Strengths: Focuses on the precise use of mathematical language.  Algebraic concepts are integrated throughout each textbook.  Multiple opportunities for students to communicate their thinking in written and spoken formats." - excerpt of external review of Math Explorations by LearningList.com

Math Explorations

  • Is a three-volume series for middle school math: 6th - 8th grades
  • Integrates learning from more than 20 years of summer math programs
  • Aligns with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for grades 6 - 8
  • Prepares students for success on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and the Algebra I End of Course (EOC) exam
  • Engages young students in using pre-algebraic and algebraic ideas
  • Includes hands-on, inquiry based math activities that lead to in-depth problem solving 
  • Presents concepts in carefully developed textbooks and supporting materials
  • Is research-based, classroom-tested, and developed by nationally renowned mathematics educators 

Textbook Samples

To view samples of Math Explorationssee here.


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More Information About Math Explorations

Contact Information

  • (512) 245-3439
  • mathworks@txstate.edu


Math Explorations Curriculum Includes

  1. Math Explorations Part I (aligned with 6th-grade TEKS)
    • Authors: Hiroko Warshauer, Terry McCabe, Max Warshauer
  2. Math Explorations Part II (aligned with 7th-grade TEKS)
    • Authors: Terry McCabe, Hiroko Warshauer, Max Warshauer
  3. Math Explorations Part III: Algebra I (aligned with 8th-grade TEKS)
    • Authors: Max Warshauer, Alex White, Terry McCabe, Hiroko Warshauer

Each grade level includes

  • Student Textbook
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher Edition
  • Scope & Sequence
  • Benchmark Tests aligned to the curriculum
  • Spanish glossary 

Testimonials for Math Explorations


"Math Explorations allows me to practice what we have learned in class and become more experienced in the topic." - student in McAllen, TX

"Using Math Explorations REALLY does help me succeed in math." - student in McAllen, TX

"I never knew that some of the stuff I'm learning even existed!  I would like to learn more from this book." - student in McAllen, TX

"I think that this book is a good tool because it prepares us for algebra in the older grades.  I am enjoying using this book.  I am learning so much from this book and I like being challenged." - student in McAllen, TX

"I love using it [the textbook] becuase I learn more and more and more math." - student in McAllen, TX

"I am looking forward to another semester with the awesome book and teacher." - student in McAllen, TX

"I love this book.  It's small and not very heavy.  And it has a lot of information." - student in McAllen, TX

"I think it is fun yet challenging...it is a great book.  I've advanced a lot more in my studies and in math class." - student in McAllen, TX

"I've always had a hard time learning math, but this book helps me a little more to understand." - student in McAllen, TX

"Math is easy and fun after you learn how to do it.  This book explains things well and is easy to understand." - student in McAllen, TX

"I love Math Explorations.  I can't wait till next semester to use Math Explorations more." - student in McAllen, TX

"This book is teaching me more than I usually learn." - student in McAllen, TX

"It's a challenging book and I am looking forward to studying it again." - student in McAllen, TX

"I like this book becuase it makes complicated things easier." - student in McAllen, TX

"I'm not a very good English or history person.  But when it comes to math and science, I love it.  This curriculum was a great experience.  I love to be challenged.  I look forward to a challenge, and without a great challenge I would be discouraged about math.  I thought this was the best challenge I have ever faced." - student in Midland, TX

"The activities [from Math Explorations] we do are great, especially because I get to learn more than I have in the past." - student in San Marcos, TX

"I love this class and I learn a lot.  I would like to continue using Math Explorations!" - student in San Marcos, TX

"I love Math Explorations because I was introduced to it at Math Camp in the summer!" - student in San Marcos, TX
"I do like all of the models because they explain the why." - student in San Marcos, TX
"Our daughter is doing amazingly well in Algebra.  I was a little hesitant and concerned that she may have a hard time keeping up but she has a solid 'A' in that class." - San Marcos parent of 6th grader taking Algebra I.



"I love this curriculum.  I love how it is getting [the students] to start doing algebra and thinking more critically." - teacher in Midland, TX

"I received my TAKS scores and 95% of the kids passed!  I think your curriculum is great for the new rigors of STAAR testing.  your questions are so thought-provoking and really make kids think." - teacher in Midland, TX

"The textbooks: I love how the chapters begin with a launch to stimulate thinking.  Then it goes into the lesson with good examples explaining the processes for the concepts.  Finally, it has problems that range from easier ones to more complicated ones.  I love the variety!  The program: this program has the availability of higher-level problem solving strategies that can push students to above level thinking.  The warm-ups: I love having built-in warmups so I don't have to make them up as we go.  It is wonderful." - teacher in Midland, TX

"Midland ISD has had the pleasure of working with the Texas State University Mathworks Program for the past three years. Texas State University has provided many of our 6th through 8th grade teachers with excellent training in problem solving and algebraic reasoning. MISD held two highly successful summer math camps using the Mathworks model in the past and is looking forward to our third camp in June 2012...During the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years, the Math Explorations Part 2 curriculum was utilized in our Pre-AP 7th grade math classrooms and the Commended Performance rate on the math TAKS increased both years. Through the grant-funded project with Texas State University, four sixth-grade teachers piloted the Math Explorations Part 1 curriculum. These four teachers thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the curriculum, praising the engaging activities and increased rigor. Even though the grant has ended, these four teachers chose to continue instructing with the Mathworks curriculum in 2011-2012. Midland ISD and Texas State University have enjoyed a wonderful three year partnership. Midland teachers and students will continue to reap the benefits for years to come." - Secondary Math Supervisor in Midland

"I will say that out of the three [curricula] that I have done, this is by far my favorite." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"I like it.  I really like the fact that most of the concepts are explicitly explained in the textbook.  It uses correct mathematical notation.  It doesn't water things down.  It's trying to get the kids to rise to the higher level." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"I really like it.  I think it build them up and brings it to, 'Well, okay, I can do this with just regular numbers but I could also do this with algebra'.  It shows them the link between it." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"I really like the Mathworks curriculum.  I like their explorations and how they get the students.  You're giving them the problem and see how they solve it.  I think they learn best if they discover it themselves instead of telling them the answer." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"I think that a big part of the Mathworks philosophy is getting the kids to be problem-solvers instead of answer-finders.  The problems are very rich.  They're not just 'OK, here's a problem, we're going to work this out, got my answer and move on.' They have to think about the, they have to read carefully, and apply knowledge of variables and the content." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"The main emphasis as I see it, it's all algebra related, it's all algebraic.  So you learn something fairly quickly at the foundational level but then it always kicks in to its algebra counterpart.  Again, the whole program is getting them into algebra sooner, getting them to variables and understanding unknowns and all of that." - teacher in San Marcos, TX

"I think that one of the ideas or the points of the Mathworks program is that algebra is the foundation for all higher math, and the better their foundation in algebra the better they will do in all higher math.  So I think that they're trying to build a very good algebra foundation so that they'll be more successful later in the higher math classes." - teacher in San Marcos, TX




"As we roll out the Mathworks curriculum to everyday classrooms, I forsee the day when young students will no longer be plagued by a deficiency in math skills." - Jim Smith, Mathworks Advisory Board member, trustee of St. Edward's University

"It's imperative that the methods and materials from the summer camps make their way into the mathematics curriculum so that everyone can benefit from a much higher level of understanding." - Jeff Kodosky, Mathworks Advisory Board member, co-founder of National Instruments

"I am excited about Mathworks because of the demonstrated effectiveness of introducing algebra concepts in 6th and 7th grade math classes." - Robert Rutishauser, Mathworks Advisory Board member, former CFO of MCC