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Residential Junior Summer Math Camp

The Residential JSMC is an immersive summer program for middle school students who are excited about doing mathematics.  The goal of the program is to develop young students into creative and critical thinkers.  We nurture students' interests and abilities to pursue higher-level math courses and degrees and careers in math, science, engineering, and many other fields.

Applications will reopen in late December to early January.


Residential summer math program for select 6th-8th grade students

Texas State University campus: June 4-16, 2017.

Participants of the 2015 Residential JSMC



  • Students are encouraged to apply early as enrollment is limited to 40 openings.  Admission decisions will not be made until we have received all parts of a student's application (online application, teacher recommendation, and school transcript).
  • Our average acceptance rate for applicants has been less than 33%.

 The Residential JSMC Program is designed for students currently in 6th-8th grade.  The students stay in a residence hall at Texas State University during the two weeks, and attend classes every day.  Each group of four students is supervised by a camp counselor (undergraduate mentor). The program includes recreation in the afternoon, supervised study groups in the evenings, and special guest lectures. 

  • To be eligible you must:
    • Currently be in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade 
    • Submit an Application, Teacher Recommendation, and Transcript/Report Card to Mathworks

To Apply

  1. Complete the online Residential JSMC Program Application (including the application essay).
  2. Upload a copy of your most recent report card/transcript, along with your application. Or mail in a copy to us separately.
  3. Have your recommending teacher complete the Teacher Recommendation form.
  4. Payment is not required until a student is accepted into the program.

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Rolling Admissions

We have a 'rolling admission' policy whereby we go over applications in three rounds. Please carefully read over the timeline below. Within each round of decisions, we will notify applicants of either an accepted or declined status, or by default your application will be deferred to the next round. In other words, if you have submitted a complete application by a certain round and do not hear from us, then by default your application has been deferred to the next round. E.g., if you submit all your materials to us before March 15, but do not receive an e-mail notification by March 30 regarding being accepted or declined, then your application has been deferred to the third round of decisions.

Round Submit a complete application by Decision by (Accept/Decline/Defer)
Round 1 February 15 February 20
Round 2 March 15 March 30
Round 3 (Final Round) April 15 April 20

Expenses and Financial Aid

Total Cost:  The program costs $1,600.   Scholarships based on need may be available on request.

  • Your student's spot in the summer math program is ensured only when you have paid in full
  • The payment deadline is May 10th
  • Includes supplies, workbook, daily snack, and a math camp t-shirt.
  • Students may receive need-based scholarships depending on family income and circumstances.  Scholarships are provided by the Mathworks endowment and the generous support of foundations, corporations, and individuals.

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Sample Daily Schedule

 7:15-8:00am Breakfast
 8:00-Noon Class (with breaks)*
 Noon-12:45pm Lunch
 1:00-2:00pm Problem Session
 2:00-5:00pm Recreation and Free Time
 5:00-6:00pm Dinner
 6:00-9:00pm Study Group
 10:30pm Lights Out

*Topics in the morning classes in the past have included:

  • Counting Techniques
  • Number Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Advanced Geometry (similarities, mass-point geometry, etc.)
  • Probability
  • Advanced Algebraic Problem-Solving 

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Items of Concern

1. Clothing: Warm weather clothing will be appropriate for most occasions. This includes casual and sportswear, such as shorts, swimsuits, cut-offs, and sneakers or hiking shoes for the weekend excursions. Some people also enjoy wearing a sweater in air-conditioned buildings. Finally, an umbrella or other rain gear may prove helpful in the event of rain.
Note: Please bring non-marking tennis or basketball shoes for use in the Student Recreation Center.

2. Laundry: Laundry facilities are available in the dorm at no cost.  Please use "High Efficiency" or "HE" detergent.
3. Rooms: We are staying in a community bath dormitory on campus. Separate floors of the dorm are provided for male and female students. The dorm is air-conditioned, complete with a lounge suitable for relaxing and small-group discussions, a small recreation area, and study rooms on the first floor. Counselors and students will be provided with access cards and room keys. There is a $40 charge for a lost key.

4. Telephone Service: We recommend that students bring their own cell phone. Emergency only messages will be received at the Mathworks Office at (512) 245-3439, or the University Police Department (512) 245-2805.

5. Mail Service: Mail to all participants should be addressed:
Participant’s Name
c/o Mathworks, ASBS 110
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Mail should not be addressed to the dorm.

6. Personal Items: Students will want to bring toothpaste, toothbrush, bath soap, laundry soap, personal hygiene items, hangers, beach towel, alarm clock, and suntan lotion. Additionally, each student must bring a pillow, extra-long twin sized sheets, a blanket, and towels. All personal items of value should be labeled with the student's name, address, and telephone number. Insurance and records (make, model, serial number) are a recommended precaution as Mathworks is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings.

7. Optional Items: Students might like to bring a guitar or other portable musical instrument, binoculars, laptop, camera, board games, playing cards, Frisbees, and tennis or handball gear. No skateboards, video games, or televisions are permitted.

8. Supervision: Camp counselors (undergraduate mentors) will live in the dorm with the students. Counselors and faculty will be present at all of the program's activities.

9. Rules and Regulations: There will be NO tobacco, alcohol, or drugs used by students while attending the Math Camp. Prompt class attendance and proper behavior will be expected of all students. Students will be allowed to leave campus only with written parental approval in advance, specifying date, time, and destination. Math Camp students will be supervised by camp counselors. Students are expected to follow all campus rules and regulations and to respect university property and facilities. Parents will be billed for any damage caused by their children's negligence. Students not following rules or not participating in classes will be sent home immediately after parents/guardians are notified of their impending arrival.

10. Medical Treatment: An excellent Student Health Center is located near the LBJ Student Center should medical treatment be necessary. If your child requires attention beyond the scope of the Student Health Center or if your child is under 12 years of age, the Central Texas Medical Center is a brief 5-10 minute ride from campus. Students are responsible for the cost of treatment provided by the Student Health Center. Parents must sign the Medical History Forms, which should either be returned with your acceptance letter. Note: Mathworks does not provide any medical insurance.  

11. Religious Services: There are several churches near campus. If you wish for your child to attend services, please let us know and we will make arrangements.

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  • “This program helped me understand rules that I followed...I liked this experience because I just didn't learn the rules, I understood why.”
  •  “Instead of learning the answer, I have learned why that answer is the answer. I was never sure why you got that answer for a problem but now I do.”
  • The Math Camp is so much different from class work. [In the math camp] they give us challenging problems so we can show our skills and learn from our mistakes…. It was fun at the summer math camp because in the classroom the work was done by ourselves.”
  • Coming up with our own tips and little tricks to find the answer to a problem was a little different. I'm really used to having someone find or do things for me.... I have learned to be responsible and to succeed with my own tricks.”
  • “The difference from this camp and sixth grade is that in school we concentrate on different things at a time, and in math camp we concentrate on one thing and learn a lot more on that topic than in school, and we have more time to actually demonstrate it and in class we can't.” 
  • “I really appreciate this program because it helps me think more. Before I got into this program, in math problems I just wrote the answer. Now I think about it.”
  • This program is really different because it made me understand the why. Sometimes I did so many things in math, but I just didn't know why I was doing that problem."
  • Math Camp has completely changed my view of looking at problems.  Before, math was enjoyable, but it always seemed very tedious.  But now I can think of math as a treat, or a game."
  • "I enjoyed this camp a lot.  I think I learned a lot of new ways to think about problems.  This camp really focuses on the wayof doing problems, and is really detailed."
  • "I really like the problem-solving approach here.  Also, you can interact with others and learn from them by asking how they did problems differently from you."
  • This camp has completely changed my view of math.  This program has gone deeper into any problem that any math class I've taken."
  • I had a lot of fun while at the same time learning math.  I believe it has greatly improved my math skills."