Mathworks Math Contest

A fun challenge for middle school students!

Mathworks at Texas State University offers an exciting experience in math exploration!  The Mathworks Math Contest (MMC):

  • Drives interest in doing high-level mathematics
  • Develops problem-solving skills through engaging problems
  • Offers mathematical experiences beyond typical middle school curricula

In addition, the MMC is part of the selection process for the Mathworks team that competes in the international Primary Math World Contest (PMWC).

Important Dates to Remember

2015 Dates

  • November 6th: Test will be e-mailed to middle school math teachers/coaches. 
  • November 10th: Test is to be administered by math teacher/coach. Test administrators should mail all completed tests back to Mathworks as soon as possible. 
  • November 17th: Deadline for tests to be sent back to Mathworks for scoring.
  • Before the end of December: Scores will be returned to test administrators.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Mathworks office at (512) 245-3439 or send your questions to 

Mathworks Math Contest:

Who can participate in the Contest?  We recommend the test be given to students who are highly motivated and interested in mathematics.  Students currently in 6th-8th grades are recommended to participate in the Contest.

How do I participate?  The test is e-mailed to all middle school Math Coordinators and Teachers in the state of Texas in mid-October.   Contact us at if your school did not receive a copy of the test.

Who should proctor the test?  We ask that the Math Coordinator or a Math Teacher proctor the Contest for interested students.  The students are given 120 minutes and the test has 15 problems.  Calculators are not allowed.  Students should show all their work to reflect how they obtained each answer.  Partial credit will be given even if you do not obtain an answer. 

How are results on the Contest used?  The test scores are used to identify highly motivated and interested students.  Participants of the MMC are invited to apply to the residential Junior Summer Math Camp program, a presitgious two-week summer math program held on the Texas State University campus.  In addition, results in the MMC are used to help select the Mathworks team that competes in the international Primary Math World Contest.

What is a good way to practice?  You may look over past tests from the MMC here!  Note: we used to call it the Qualifying Test.

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Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC)

Po Leung Kuk is a renowned welfare organization and school-sponsoring body in Hong Kong. It runs various types of schools including 24 kindergartens, 29 primary schools, 5 special schools, 15 secondary schools and 1 sixth-form college. Each year, Po Leung Kuk sponsors the Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC) in Hong Kong that attracts participants from around the world.

The PMWC aims to: 

  • provide an opportunity for the exchange of information of primary school mathematics education throughout the world.
  • foster friendly relations among primary school students from different cities.
  • discover the mathematics potential of gifted primary students among different cities.

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Mathworks' 2008 PMWC team was featured in a Social Studies write up by Pearson Publishing Company. In this write up, Journey to Hong Kong, the students shared their explorations of Hong Kong before their big day of competition! Check out their story here! 

Mathworks PMWC Team Selection Process

Through the Mathworks Math Contest, we will select four students to represent the Texas Mathworks team during the PMWC in Hong Kong. Team members must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be age 13 or under as of September 1 of the year of the PMWC competition and be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
2. Must not be enrolled in a secondary institute (high school) or its equivalent.
3. Must be accepted to and attend the JSMC Residential program in its entirety in preparation for the trip to Hong Kong. The camp is held at Texas State University for two weeks in June in preparation for the Contest in mid-July. 

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PMWC Team Performance

Mathworks has a strong record of fielding great teams at the PMWC.  In 11 years of attendance, the Mathworks team has received the Po Leung Kuk Cup (awarded to the top non-Asian team) 8 times.  In 2008, the Mathworks team also tied for Overall Champions.  The team placed as champions in 2013 and 2014 as well.


2015 Mathworks Team At The Primary Math World Contest

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Mathworks PMWC Team Results    
2016 Contest will be held in July 2016 Amy Zhou, Michelle Wang, Pierce Lai, Andrew Cai
2015 Po Leung Kuk Cup Edward Lu, Benjamin Wright, Bella Xu, Radha Malhotra
2014 Overall Champions and Po Leung Kuk Cup Vincent Huang, Jonathan Shoemaker, Claire Zhou, Hannah Liu
2013 Overall Champions and Po Leung Kuk Cup Alex Liu, Shreya Thipireddy, Vinjai Vale, Linda Yu
2012 Tied for first in team contest, and 3rd place non-Asian team Vivian Liu, Gina Chen, Stephen Price, Daniel Whatley
2011 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Sunny Tian, Lilian Zhan, Lazar Ilic, Alex Yang
2010 3rd Place non-Asian team Vincent Liu, Michael Ma, Alexander Whatley, Victor Zhou
2009 Contest cancelled due to H1N1 flu concerns Athena Chen, Steven Chen, Leslie Tu, Lawrence Wu
2008 PMWC Overall Champions, tied with five other teams and Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Alexandra Ilic, Enoch Tsai, Bobby Shen, Lilly Shen
2007 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Alexandra Ilic, Catherine Liu, Bobby Shen, Kevin Tian
2006 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Jeffrey Chan, Kevin Chen, Millie Shi, Sallyann Zhou
2005 Contest canceled due to Avian flu concerns N/A
2004 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Jeffrey Chen, Kaitlin McClymont, Elizabeth Tsai, Mark Zhang
2003 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Stephanie Chan, Jeffrey Chen, Pranay Kothari, Eileen Martin
2002 Po Leung Kuk Cup, top non-Asian team Katy Gonzales, Anna Malagon, Edward Schmerling, Samson Zhou
2001 Two Runner-Up Trophies Alyssa Ibarra, Robert MacNguyen, Jennifer Schmerling, Yan Zou