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HSMC - Results in the Siemens Competition


Returning students in the Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) have the opportunity to conduct original math research projects in a team that can be submitted to various contests.  The HSMC has a strong record of producing award-winning research projects.  In 2009, a team from the HSMC won first place at the national level of the Siemens Competition, sharing a $100,000 college scholarship.

From 2001-2015, students' team entries have achieved the following in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology:

  • National Finalist: 5 teams
  • Regional Finalist: 19 teams
  • Semifinalist: 31 teams

This includes 74 students named as semifinalists, 66 regional finalists, and 14 national finalists.

HSMC student research papers recognized by the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology:


  • Regional Finalist - "Signed Path Matrices and Oriented Hypergraphic Generalizations"
    • Team: Eric Li, David Xiang, and Amber Lu
    • Mentor: Lucas Rusnak
  • Semifinalist - "Clusters of Floating and Sessile Drops in the Absence of Gravity"
    • Team: Christine Jou and Yagmur Yuksel
    • Mentor: Ray Treinen
  • Semifinalist - "A Combinatorial Proof for the Rank-Unimodality of Poset Order Ideals"
    • Team: Hans Li, William Liu, and Kevin Rao
    • Mentor: Edward Early
  • Semifinalist - "Energy-Aware Deep Learning for Image Recognition"
    • Team: Lillian Bu, Michelle Hamilton, and Nina Osipova
    • Mentor: Ziliang Zong


  • Regional Finalist - "Identifying DNA Methylation Variation Patterns For Breast Cancer Biomarker Genes"
    • Team: Brandon Alston, Lily Xu, Simantini Mitra-Behura
    • Mentors: Shuying Sun and Ziliang Zong
  • Semifinalist - "Improvements In 3D Volumetric Displays"
    • Team: Wilbur Li, YingYan Ho, Eric Gao
    • Mentor: Matt Gately


  • Regional Finalist - "Maximizing the Number Of K-Sets"
    • Team: Weiwei Chen, Patrick Guo, and Jessica Yu
    • Mentor: Edward Early
  • Regional Finalist - "A Characterization of Balance in Oriented Hypernetworks via Generalized Signed Walks"
    • Team: Angie Rao, Alex Yang, and Vinci Chen
    • Mentor: Lucas Rusnak
  • Semifinalist - "Generating Molecular Solubility Predictors Using Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships"
    • Team: Justin Zhang, Amber Guo, and Angela Feng
    • Mentor: Carl Fisher and Eumi Pyun
  • Semifinalist - "A Game of Tri: A Graph Theoretic Generalization of Hex"
    • Team: Leslie Tu, Selcen Yuksel, and Michalea Taylor-Williams
    • Mentor: Eugene Curtin
  • Semifinalist - "On the synthesis and predictive modeling of stable pigments utilizing silica extracted from rice husk biowastes"
    • Team: Caroline Gao, Susan Xu, and Lily Xu
    • Mentor: Luyi Sun



  •  Regional Finalist - "A Novel Approach To Estimating Survival Functions For Interval Censored Data With STD Behavioral Diary Information"
    • Team: George Qi, Vinciane Chen, Robert Tung
    • Mentor: Qiang Zhao
  • Semifinalist - "On The Ratios Of Binomial Coefficients"
    • Team: Leslie Tu, Catherine Yip, Aditya Jain
    • Mentor: Edward Early




  •  5th Place National Finalist - "Determining the Existence of Graceful Valuations of Various Families of Graphs"
    • Team: Kevin Tian, Kevin Chang, Andrew Xu
    • Mentor: Edward Early
  • Regional Finalist - "On the Acyclic Subgraphs of k-Majority Tournments"
    • Team: Alexandra Ilic, Bobby Shen, and Lilly Shen
    • Mentor: Jian Shen
  •  Semifinalist- "A Generalization of Sperner's Theorem for Multisets"
    • Team: Steven Chen, Amy Kang, and Jeremy Kalas
    • Mentor: Eugene Curtin
  • Semifinalist- "Computing Spatio-Temporal Data with Applications to Hurricane Analysis"
    • Team: Ding Zhou and Jessica Wang
    • Mentor: Mark McKenney
  • Semifinalist - "A Mathematical Model of Structural Behaviors and Physical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites"
    • Team: George Qi, Catherine Liu, and Linda Zhang
    • Mentor: Gary Beall




  • Regional Finalist - " On the Power Dominating Set of Various Classes of Graphs"
    • Team: Alexandra Ilic, Ignacio Ramirez, and Kevin Tian
    • Mentor: Nathaniel Dean
  • Regional Finalist - " Attainability of the chromatic numbers of functigraphs"

Team: George Qi and Daniel (Shenghao) Wang

Mentor: Weizhen Gu


  • Semifinalist - " An Application of Subsampling Quantile Estimators to Image Denoising"

Team:  Sophia (Wen) Chu and Sumit Gogia

Mentor: Alex White

  • Semifinalist - " On Relating the Prime-counting and Totient Functions to Pigeonhole Goldbach Partitions"

Team:  Patrick Kim and Michael Proulx

Mentor: Edward Early 


  • First Place Overall - "Relating Missing and Decycling Edges in Directed Graphs"

Team:  Dan Liu, Kevin Chen, Sean Karson

Mentor:  Jian Shen

  • Regional Finalist - "A Prediction of Nanocomposite Permeability from Monte Carlo Simulations and the Implications of the Constrained Polymer Region"

Team: Patrick Kim, Sumit Gogia, Vincent Yu

Mentor: Gary Beall

  • Semifinalist - "Creating and Deducing Structure using Domination Numbers in Permutation Graphs"

Team:  Max Wimberley, Millie Shi

Mentor: Weizhen Gu

  • Semifinalist - "The Rank Generating Function for Partially Ordered Rb(n)"

Team:  Fan-Hal Koung, Jennifer Hu, Rebecca Salinas

Mentor: Edward Early


  • 5th Place National Finalist - "Previously Unknown Parts of the Greene-Kleitman Partition for the Tamari Lattice"

Team:  Mark Zhang, R-J Lim 

Mentor: Edward Early

  • Regional Finalist - "Survival Analysis of Gene Expression Data using Dimension Reduction Techniques"

Team:  Alicia Zhang, Jeffrey Chan, Sameer Deshpande 

Mentor: Qiang Zhao

  • Semifinalist - "Analysis of Non-Static Two-Person Poker Models"

Team: Fan-Hal Koung, Jack Geller, Rick Bhattacharya

Mentor: Eugene Curtin

  • Semifinalist - “The Effect of Different Air Bubble Arrangements on the Dielectric Constant of Teflon”

Team:  Eunice Alade, Jennifer Hu, Scarrlett Yin 

Mentor: Gary Beall

  • Semifinalist - “A Model to compute Settling Velocities of Non-Spherical Nanoparticles in a Centrifuge”

Team:  Aman Sharma, Manos Souganidis, Veronica Ray

Mentor: Gary Beall


  • Regional Finalist - “On Winning Strategies for General Two- and Three-Person Vertex Geography and the Characterization of Ck2 Games”

Team:  Jon Gonzales, Mark Zhang, Wesley Chen 

Mentor: Nathaniel Dean

  • Regional Finalist - “Risk Neutral Exchange Options in Energy Markets”

Team:  Aman Sharma, Jean Shiao, Jeffrey Chan 

Mentor: Thaleia Zariphopoulou and Eugene Curtin

  •  Semifinalist - “General Properties of Partisan Subtraction Games”

Team:  Jeffrey Chen, R-J Lim, Stephanie Chan 

Mentor: Nathaniel Dean

  • Semifinalist - “L(321) Labeling in Graphs"

Team:  Amy Proctor, Jasmine Thum, Kimberly Yeh

Mentor: Jian Shen

  • Semifinalist - “Modeling Gas Diffusion through Nanocomposites”

Team:  Bryan Wigianto, Faith Chan, Kevin Luecke 

Mentor: Gary Beall


  • Regional Finalist - “On Free Minimal Edge Control Sets of Digraphs"

Team: Kimberly Yeh, Tiffany Tsang 

Mentor: Xingde Jia

  • Regional Finalist - “Mathematical Developments of the Contact Network Model” 

Team:  Stephanie Chan, Jacob Shapiro, David Price 

Mentors: Alex White and Lauren Ancel-Meyers

  • Semifinalist - “Characterization of Maximal Antichains in Posets”

Team:  R-J Lim, Tal Einav, Wesley Chen 

Mentor: Edward Early

  • Semifinalist - “Character Tables of the Symmetric Group"

Team:  Diana Lee, Jasmine Thum, Zijie Zhou 

Mentor: Edward Early


  • Regional Finalist - “Error Correction in Searching and Sorting Algorithms”

Team:  Edward Schmerling, Jennifer Schmerling, Erik Feng 

Mentor: Jian Shen

  • Regional Finalist - “Eccentricity Sequences of Graphs”

Team:  Alisha Seam, Stephanie Chan, Wesley Chen 

Mentor: Daniela Ferrero

  • Semifinalist - “Extremal Cayley Graphs of Finite Cyclic Groups”

Team:  Elysia Sheu, Joseph Lee 

Mentor: Xingde Jia


  • Regional Finalist - “The Power Domination Problem in Trees and other Bipartite Graphs” 

Team:  Edward Schmerling, Jennifer Schmerling, Sarah Spikes 

Mentor: Daniela Ferrero

  • Semifinalist - “Counting Maximal Triangle Free Graphs”

Team:  Elysia Sheu, Helen Zhang 

Mentor: Susan Morey

  • Semifinalist - “Variations of the Four-Post Tower of Hanoi Puzzle”

Team:  Erica Rew, Erik Feng, Jonathan Einav 

Mentor: Eugene Curtin

  • Semifinalist - “A Coloring on Graphs: The L(2,1) Labeling Problem”

Team:  Jeff Nanney, Joshua Lim, Kris Kazlowski 

Mentor: Jian Shen


  • National Finalist 6th Place - "Eccentric Graphs of Block Graphs and Trees"

Team:  Araceli Fernandez, Hannah Chung, Yiduo Wang

Mentor: Weizhen Gu

  • Regional Finalist - "Various Cases of Seymour’s 2nd Neighborhood Conjecture for Directed Graphs"

Team:  Diya Banerjee, Helen Zhang, Jeff Nanney 

Mentor: Jian Shen

  • Semifinalist - "Domination of Permutation Graphs"

Team:  Allyson Ho, Chong Jiang, Soham Banerjee 

Mentor: Weizhen Gu


  • Regional Finalist - "Diameter of Path Graphs"

Team:  Alan Taylor, Hannah Chung, Jeremy Warshauer 

Mentor: Daniela Ferrero

  • Semifinalist - "Dominant Planar Graphs"

Tam:  Araceli Fernandez, Diya Banerjee, Syed Ashrafulla 

Mentor: Daniela Ferrero

  • Semifinalist - "Examining Four-Player Fair Division Algorithms"

Team:  Andrew Hsiau, Felicia Alderete, Will Boney 

Mentors: Eugene Curtin and Cody Patterson


  • National Finalist 4th Place - "The Generalization of the De Bruijn Edge Sums"

Team:  Charles Hallford, Cynthia Chi, Rebecca Williams

Mentor: Daniela Ferrero

  • Semifinalist - "Game, Set, Match"

Team:  Alex Wright, Betty Yang, Yeeland Chen

Mentor: Eugene Curtin