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Half-Day Junior Summer Math Camp

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Half-Day Junior Summer Math Camp

Half-Day summer math program for 4th-8th grade students

20th annual JSMC: June 8 - 19, 2015

About the Camp

The Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp is a multi-level 2-week program for students going into grades 4-8.*

From a first-year program that introduces students to beginning concepts in algebra through play-acting and drama (dramathics), to a more advanced program in problem solving and discrete math, students enjoy exploring problems together and share in the excitement of mathematical exploration and discovery.

> The largest half-day JSMC is held in San Marcos, Texas:

  • We do an open enrollment (we keep registering students until we have reached capacity).  There is no admissions/selection process for the half-day JSMC.  We simply keep registering all interested students who apply until we have reached capacity.
  • We serve 180-200 students each summer in the half-day Junior Summer Math Camp
  • We hold this program in partnership with San Marcos CISD
  • The 2015 program will be held at: San Marcos High School (2601 E McCarty Ln, San Marcos, TX)
  • See below for more information about need-based camp scholarships

> For 2015 we plan to again offer a half-day JSMC in north Austin at the Texas State University Round Rock Campus.  

  • The program in north Austin will include Levels 1 - 4, with one class of each level.

> The full tuition cost is $350. This includes a non-refundable $25 fee. Your student's spot in the summer math camp is ensured only when you have paid in full.

> Refund schedule

  • Full refund: if you withdraw your student before May 1st
  • Half refund: if you withdraw your student before May 15th
  • No refunds if withdrawing after May 15th

If you are interested in more information on possible camps in other locations, please contact our office in late April or May. 

> Student participation

Students are expected to follow all campus rules and regulations and to respect university property and facilities. Parents will be billed for any damage caused by their children's negligence. Students not following rules or not participating in classes will be sent home immediately after parents/guardians are notified of their impending arrival.

* Exceptions to grade level will be made depending on mathematical background and experience. Level changes will be made during the first two days of camp.


To Apply

  • Complete the online student application form
  • Remember to complete the financial aid section of the application if you wish to apply for a camp scholarship
  • The official application deadline is April 15th.  We highly encourage you to apply much earlier than the deadline, as we enroll applicants until the camp is filled.

Need-Based Scholarships

  • We anticipate awarding a total of 100 need-based scholarships for the 2015 half-day JSMC in San Marcos
  • Scholarship decisions will be made by March 31st

For further information, contact the Mathworks office at (512) 245-3439 or mathworks@txstate.edu.


Level Descriptions (click on level name for sample syllabus)

Level 1:  The Mathematical Mystery Tour (Grade Level: Rising 4th and 5th graders*)

  • Topics include: beginning algebra, positive and negative numbers, absolute value, variables, expressions, and inequalities.
  • Using math dramas, students encounter a conflict whose resolution requires using the mathematical idea being studied.  Students learn new mathematical ideas while having fun acting and working together in groups.

Level 2:  MathQuest (Grade Level: Rising 5th and 6th graders*)

  • Topics Include:  Cartesian plane, functions, fractions, equivalent fractions, and decimals.
  • MathQuest is the name of the hot air balloon that carries Math Explorers through a series of explorations, each requiring the mastery of a new topic to complete.  This level also incorporates dramatics, as students relate the mathematics learned to real-life situations.

Level 3:  Math Explorations (Grade Level: Rising 6th and 7th graders*)

  • Topics include:  introduction to geometry, graphs, measuring angles, triangles, straight lines, coordinate geometry, and applications with an emphasis on problem solving.
  • The drama activities from Levels I and Level II are gradually replaced by hands-on models that students build for each new mathematical idea.

Level 4:  Combinatorics (Grade Level: Rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders*)

  • Topics include: basic concepts from discrete math, rule of sum, rule of product, counting trees, combinations, permutations, counting principles, and applications.

Level 5: Problem Solving (Grade Level: Rising 6th, 7th, 8th graders*)

  • Topics include: problem solving and contest type problems, logic problems, and fundamental theorems in geometry, using combinatorics in a variety of settings.

 What Level Should My Student Attend?

For any student Wanting more of a challenge?
Track A Track B
Camp Level Current Grade Current Grade
1 4 3
2 5 4
3 6 5
4 7 6
5 8 7
Sample Daily Schedule (Classes are held Monday - Friday, meals only applicable to the San Marcos JSMC)
7:30 - 8:00am, Breakfast
8:00 - 10:00am, Class
10:00 - 10:30am, Break/Snack
10:30 - Noon, Class
Noon - 12:30pm, Lunch


Mathworks does not provide transportation for students.

San Marcos CISD will provide bus transportation only for San Marcos CISD students attending the half-day JSMC, however we do not have specific information about times and routes yet. For more information about the buses, contact San Marcos School District at 393-6700.

For parents dropping off students, please do so at the front entrance of the school. At the end of the day, students will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria without a parent/guardian present. So please come in and let their teachers know you are picking your child up. Thank you for your cooperation!

JSMC Student Workbooks Available For Purchase

We also offer the JSMC student workbooks for purchase!

Even if you cannot make it to camp in the summer, or you simply would like a copy of the workbook for your own practice, you can purchase the workbooks online here!

Looking for an afternoon camp as well? Look no farther!

The 2015 SPS Meson Summer Camp is a physics summer camp being hosted by the Texas State University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students. This program is open enrollment and designed to supplement the Half-day Junior Summer Camp hosted by Mathworks. This camp will also be held at the San Marcos High School, June 8th -19th, and with run from 12:30 – 4:00pm. There is no selection process.  Any student enrolled in the Mathworks half-day Junior Summer Camp, Level 4 or Level 5 is eligible to attend.  Free school bus transportation home from the camp is available to students enrolled in San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District.

The camp will focus on interactive and hands on learning, and will include activities relating to force and motion, energy, and electricity and magnetism.

Thanks to the support of the Halliburton Foundation, Texas State University, and the Society of Physics Students, this camp is 100% FREE!

To apply, please follow the link below:

Apply Now!!!



  • "This program helped me understand rules that I followed...I liked this experience because I just didn't learn the rules, I understood why."
  • “It changed my perspective towards math. I used to hate math because it was my worst subject...Now I actually enjoy math.”
  • Instead of learning the answer, I have learned why that answer is the answer. I was never sure why you got that answer for a problem but now I do.”
  • The Math Camp is so much different from class work. [In the math camp] they give us challenging problems so we can show our skills and learn from our mistakes…. It was fun at the summer math camp because in the classroom the work was done by ourselves.”
  • Coming up with our own tips and little tricks to find the answer to a problem was a little different. I'm really used to having someone find or do things for me.... I have learned to be responsible and to succeed with my own tricks.”
  • Math Camp was actually fun instead of the usual ‘boring!’ math experiences. Now I'll have a head start.”
  • The difference from this camp and sixth grade is that in school we concentrate on different things at a time, and in math camp we concentrate on one thing and learn a lot more on that topic than in school, and we have more time to actually demonstrate it and in class we can't.”
  • I really appreciate this program because it helps me think more. Before I got into this program, in math problems I just wrote the answer. Now I think about it.”
  • This program is really different because it made me understand the why. Sometimes I did so many things in math, but I just didn't know why I was doing that problem.”
  • I learned that math is not boring. It's fun if you like it and get into it. I think I'm better in math than I was before I came.”
  • I used to think that algebra was hard, but after coming here, I now think it is easy.”
  • Before I came here to Math Camp I was flunking, but now with what I have learned I know I will go on and learn more and also succeed.”
  • This program has been different from other math experiences because sometimes I don't catch on just by writing. I have to draw the pictures, and that's what we did. Everybody did an awesome job, and I am looking forward to next year!”
  • I have learned a lot of things, like algebra…. I am 10 years old. I am passing to fifth grade. I am in ELP. I love doing math.”
  • I liked how Miss [R] pushed us to our limit and even more.”

External Scholarship Opportunities

The following are scholarship opportunities that provide support to middle school students attending summer programs.  Texas Mathworks does not explicitly endorse any of the following scholarship opportunities.  These are merely provided for your information.

  1. Raytheon MathMovesU Scholarships
    • $1,000 scholarships for middle school students to attend summer programs
    • March 2/7/2015 application deadline
  2. Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program
    • Scholarship support for gifted middle school students for summer and school-year programs
    • April application deadline