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JSCMR Student Pick Up Request Form

You MUST fill out this form before taking your student out during camp.

Students may ONLY be taken out on the weekends. We do not allow students to leave the camp during the week. Remember that the students are here to be a part of the camp; we understand some events can not be changed but your students are required to be here for the ENTIRE 2 weeks. Please do not pull your student out of camp unless you HAVE to. Please keep in mind that if you are taking your student for more than 4 hours you MUST receive director approval first! To do so please call us at 512-245-3439 or email us at 

Date you will be picking up your student *

If you would like to check your student out more than once please fill out another form. 

Please be advised that this is only a request. Upon approval we will send you specific information for the student hand off, including location and counselor.

Once we have reviewed your request we will notify you. You may NOT pick up your student until you have received approval from our office. If you have any questions please let us know.