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Research, Publications, and Presentations

Highlighting the latest in research from Mathworks! 

Below are articles, published papers, and presentations authored by Mathworks faculty and students.  This includes topics on theoretical mathematics and mathematics education.

Mathematics Education 

  1. Hiroko Warshauer: "Strategies To Support Productive Struggle", Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Vol. 20, No. 7, March 2015
  2. Nama Namakshi, Sonalee Bhattacharyya, Christina Starkey, Jeanne-Marie Linker: "Mystical Magic Squares", Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Vol. 20, No. 6, February 2015
  3. Hiroko Warshauer: "Productive Struggle In Middle School Mathematics Classrooms", Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, August 2014
  4. Max Warshauer: "A Modest Research Proposal", Notices of the American Math Society, January 2013
  5. Max Warshauer: Handouts from workshop at NCTM Regional Conference in Chicago, November 2012:
  6. Max Warshauer, Terry McCabe, Alejandra Sorto, Sharon Strickland, Hiroko Warshauer: "Equity" from The Peak In The Middle, 2010
  7. Alejandra Sorto, Terry McCabe, Max Warshauer, Hiroko Warshauer: "Understanding the Value of a Question", Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education, 2009.
  8. Eugene Curtin, Max Warshauer: "The Locker Puzzle" from The Mathematical Intelligencer, 2006
  9. Max Warshauer: "Geometric Explorations with the Geometer's Sketchpad" from Mathematics & Informatics Quarterly, 2003
  10. Willie Yong, Max Warshauer: "Arithmetic and Geometric Mean" from Menemui Matematik (Discovering Mathematics), 2002
  11. Max Warshauer, Terry McCabe: "Why Number Theory is an Ideal Subject for an Honors Course", The National Honors Report, Spring 2001
  12. Don Hazlewood, Sandy Stouffer, Max Warshauer: "Suzuki Meets Polya" from Arithmetic Teacher, 1989


Math Research

  1. Lily Xu, Soma Mitra-Behura, Brandon Alston, and Shuying Sun: "Identifying DNA Methylation Variation Patterns To Obtain Potential Breast Cancer Biomarker Genes," International Journal Of Biomedical Data Mining, 2015.
  2. Vinciane Chen, Angeline Rao, Lucas Rusnak, Alex Yang: "A characterization of oriented hypergraphic balance via signed weak walks," Linear Algebra and its Applications, Volume 285, 15 November 2015.
  3. Edward Early, Patrick Kim, and Michael Proulx: "Goldbach's Pigeonhole", The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 46, No. 2, March 2015
  4. Angeline Rao, Ying Liu, Yezhou Feng, Jian Shen: "Bounds on the Number of Huffman and Binary-Ternary Trees", presented at the American Math Society Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, October 2013
  5. Daniel Wang, George Qi: "Attainability of the Chromatic Numbers of Functigraphs", presented at the International Symposium on Pervasive Systems, Algorithms, and Networks (ISPAN), December 2012
  6. Joseph Lee, Elysia Sheu, Xingde Jia: "Extremal Cayley Graphs of Finite Cyclic Groups", Journal of Interconnection Networks, March/June 2008.
  7. Hannah Chung, Daniela Ferrero, Alan Taylor, Jeremy Warshauer: "Diameter of Path Graphs", Journal of Discrete Mathematical Science and Cryptography, 2004
  8. Janet Chen, Susan Morey, Anne Sung: "The Stable Set of Associated Primes of the Ideal of a Graph," Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, 2002
  9. Max Warshauer: "Conway's Parallel Sorting Algorithm" from the Journal of Algorithms, 1986

We have also numerous student research projects that have been recognized in the Siemens Competition.  A full list of those research papers can be found here.

Support research in mathematics and mathematics education! Donate today to the Mathworks endowment. Funds from the endowment will support research conducted by high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Research findings support applications in science, technology, and engineering, as well as classroom teaching and learning practices.