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Free Math Activities and Worksheets: Math Reader Magazine

Each issue contains fun and challenging math activities and worksheets, appropriate for the elementary school grades. These are free to download for use by students, parents, and teachers! Browse the issues below!

Note: Math Reader magazine is no longer in publication.


MRnov98 (PDF, 2 MB)


MRjan99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRfeb99 (PDF, 4 MB)
MRmar99 (PDF, 4 MB)
MRapr99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRsum99 (PDF, 3 MB)
MRoct99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRnov99 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRdec99 (PDF, 2 MB)


MRjan00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRfeb00 (PDF, 3 MB)
MRmar00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRapr00 (PDF, 2 MB)
MRsum00 (PDF, 3 MB)
MRfall00 (PDF, 3 MB)
MRwin00 (PDF, 2 MB)


MRspr01 (PDF, 3 MB)
MRsum01 (PDF, 3 MB)