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What To Do During Club Time


Have a lesson. Possible topics:
i. Things not included in general curriculum for your grades

ii. Suggestions from the MATHCOUNTS® program

1. MATHCOUNTS® Bible by Diaz

2. Topics listed by MATHCOUNTS® Handbook in the problem index

    • Algebraic Expressions & Equations
    • Counting & Combinatorics
    • General Math
    • Logic
    • Number Theory
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Plane Geometry
    • Probablility
    • Problem Solving (Misc.)
    • Proportional Reasoning
    • Series & Sequences
    • Solid Geometry
    • Statistics

iii. Suggestions from AMC 8

1. arithmetic of integers,

2. fractions and decimals,

3. percent and proportion,

4. number theory,

5. informal geometry,

6. perimeter,

7. area,

8. volume,

9. probability and statistics,

10. logical reasoning.

iv. Textbooks from

1. The Art of Problem Solving Volume 1: the Basics

2. The Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Counting & Probability

3. The Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Geometry

v. Other Suggestions

Frank Ho’s Math Contest Preparation
To Order, Contact:
Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre
2586 Waterloo Street
Vancouver, BC
V6R 3H5

1) Have a snack (once again, snack can be important!)

2) Have a competition time (this adds excitement and fun to your club time)


Here are some recommended sites for extra student practice.
i. MATHCOUNTS® Problem of the Week
ii. MathJams
iii. Problems from NCTM
iv. Problems from ASHME (American High School Mathematics Examination)