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Materials to Use During Club Meetings

1) MATHCOUNTS Previous years competitions

a) MATHCOUNTS® web site contains the previous year’s competitions

b) Old competitions sets are for sale by MATHCOUNTS®

c) Old competitions available for download

(1) Goodly Maths

d) Online MATHCOUNTS® practice problems

e) Your state MATHCOUNTS® coordinator may have a limited number of previous years’ handbooks available.

2) Problem Books

a) Materials available from MATHCOUNTS®

b) Books available from

(1) Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics

(2) Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and Middle Schools

(3) The All-Time Greatest MATHCOUNTS® Problems

c) Frank Ho’s Math Contest Preparation

To Order Copies Contact:
Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre
2586 Waterloo Street
Vancouver, BC
V6R 3H5

Phone: (604)266-0974

d) Problem Books You Can Buy

3) Other Web Sites

a) MATHCOUNTS® Problem of the Week

b) StudyJams

c) Problems from NCTM

d) GoodlyMaths Competition Archive

e) American Regions Math League (ARML)

f) Math League

g) Mandelbrot

h) A&M Math Contest

i) Rice Math Tournament

j) The American Mathematics Competitions

k) USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS)