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Recommendations for the First Club Meeting

1. Introduce Math Club and what your goals are.

2. Invite student input.

3. Collect student information on 3x5 cards.

4. Discuss possible meeting dates and times.

a. Most club meet once a week for one to one and one half hours.

b. Is before or after school better? Weekends?

5. Present your expectations for the math club.

6. Let members know that you encourage them to help each other…but not by giving them the answers?

7. Have a snack (it is better to have the snack in the middle or at the end of your time than at the beginning)--never under-estimate the importance of snacks!

8. Give the math club members some problems to work.

a. Have members explain how they worked the problems.

b. Have a couple of problems that they might not be able to solve and use these to start discussions to learn how to work that type of problem.

c. Or you could give them a pre-test to see their current level (see sample below).

9. Give take-home work. They may receive assistance on this work from parents, teachers, friends, etc. (see sample below).

10. Hand out a schedule of events (see samples below).


Sample materials for the first meeting (based on a MATHCOUNTS® program):

PDF Sample Pre-Test (PDF, 196.8 KB)