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Fellows Program (Summer 2017)


Earn credit while you earn money!

JSMC will be held from June 5 - 16, 2017 at a local SMCISD school.    The Mathworks Fellows program includes a collection of activities from 7:30AM - 4:00PM.  You will be paid a stipend of $700.


Daily schedule from June 5 - 16, 2017:

• 7:30-8:00 am Facilitate student check-in

• 8:00-12:00 pm JSMC Class Assistant

• 12:00-12:30 pm Facilitate student pick-up

• 12:30-2:30 pm Math Education Seminar/Class

• 2:30- 4:00 pm Class continues if registered for Math 4302 or Math 4304

Gain valuable classroom experience while mentoring young students in mathematics.  Undergraduates of all majors, especially math and education, are encouraged to apply to be a Mathworks Fellow for the Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC). Participants are encouraged and welcome to be in the program for multiple summers.

This program creates small learning communities of students, teachers, and faculty while giving undergraduates the opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience and work with students.


Apply above to be considered for a position in the Summer 2017 Mathworks Fellows program.

For more information: or 512.245.3439

The Mathworks Fellows program has been supported in the past by:

  • San Marcos CISD
  • KDK-Harman Foundation
  • Sid W. Richardson Foundation
  • Meadows Foundation
  • Mathworks at Texas State University 

Testimonials From Fellows Alumni

What undergraduates are saying about the Mathworks Fellows program

  • "I love Mathworks! In my future classroom, I would love for the district to adopt this program. This program considers that all students learn differently."
  • “The JSMC has provided a great experience to observe an experienced teacher in the classroom for two weeks. I am very interested in becoming a teacher. Also, the material and math concepts provide for deep math thinking.”
  • “It made me realize that I had a lot to learn about teaching and a lot of what I thought about helping students was wrong, and now I have gained a lot of tips and learned about how to help students without just feeding them the answers.”
  • "I've gotten the chance to work with kids before any of my student teaching. I feel like I'm going to be so much more prepared and ready for my career. I think it's going to make me a better teacher."
  • "It helped me utilize my classroom management knowledge."
  • "I've learned a lot about teaching strategies and becoming prepared to teach."
  • "I've learned strategies to teach math and how to do hands-on activities to show why this works."
  • "I really enjoyed seeing so many different ways to keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more about math."
  • "It helped me be more confident teaching math."
  • "It gave me a perspective on teaching that I hadn't had before. I also got a classroom experience."
  • "It changed my perception of doing mathematics. Also, my approach to work/problem guidance has changed. Now I use more probing questions and hands-on activities."
  • "As a future teacher, I learned patience and how to help students come to the answers on their own, even if it does take some time."
  • "It was just an eye-opening experience. I never saw math taught like this. I've always thought and saw that the good way to teach math was to 'spoon feed' the students and make them understand the process. I know now that there is a different way to teach math, and I really like that option."
  • "I've learned how to introduce some mathematical concepts in a unique way as to encourage students to think deeply and what their answers mean."