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Transportation from the Airport

Travel to Texas State University

Once you reach the Austin or San Antonio airport, you will have to travel by other means to Texas State.

If you arrive after 8:00 pm, most housing offices (on campus and off campus) will be CLOSED. Please find a nearby hotel or motel (in the city you are arriving in) to stay the night until the morning. We do not recommend you traveling to San Marcos at night. Try to make transportation arrangements (from the airport to San Marcos) prior to your arrival.



Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)
The Austin Airport is located approximately, thirty minutes away from San Marcos.
If you plan to fly, we recommend that you choose to arrive in Austin. 


San Antonio International Airport (SAIA)
The San Antonio International Airport is located approximately, one hour away from San Marcos.



Transportation from the Austin Airport

You can find information about ground transportation from the Austin Aiport here:



Carpitality is a charter service not a cab service. Meaning, all reservation for transport is to be reserved at least 12 hour before the desired transport. 
The following discounts are offered to Texas State students:
  • Transports from AUS Austin Airport $50/up to 2 students, $5 additional
  • Transport from Texas State University to AUS Austin Airport $60 up to 2 students, $5 additional student up to 5 students
  • Transport from Texas State University to Austin MegaBus $70 up to 2 students, $5 additional student up to 5 students


You may also find these direct phone numbers to Taxi's and the Super Shuttle useful for transportation from Austin.


Taxi and Cabs

Hays Taxi Service (512) 665-0048
Yellow Cab: (512) 452-9999
Austin Cab: (512) 478-2222
Lone Star Cab: (512) 836-4900

Super Shuttle

For local reservations please call (512) 258-3826
See their website at http://supershuttle.com for more information. 

Transportation from the San Antonio Airport

At this time, we have limited information about transportation from San Antonio, however, you can find information about ground transportation from the San Antonio Aiport here: