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Funds Request for International Related Events

This form is used to request funds from the International Minds Programming Committee. Strong requests will clearly identify the intended outcome of the event. Additionally, funding is more likely if your organization has prior experience planning and hosting large events.
The following criteria must be met for your request to be eligible for funding:

    The event has an international focus and is open to all students;

    The event is for the benefit of international students; and

    Your event increases global awareness.

Request must be submitted in a timely manner. Requests received within one-month prior to the event will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: The decision to fund events is based on the number of requests and funds available.

13. Have other units/organizations on campus commited funding to the event?

Please click here to download Budget Request Form

Review Budget Request Form Example

19. Are you affiliated with the university through Student Organization Council or Underrepresented Student Advisory Council? *
20. Does your organization have a Texas State funding account? *

If yes, please provide account number below

If no, please review the information in Accounts Payable website

If you are requesting sponsorship for food from a restaurant, questions 21 and 22 are required.

21. Is the restaurant an approved vendor with Texas State?

22. Please attach itemized quotes from two potential restaurant vendors.

Funding requests missing required documentation or submitted less than 6 weeks in advance will not be considered.

By submitting this funding request, you agree to complete the Post-Event Feedback Survey within 1 week from the date of your event. Failure to submit this feedback will jeopardize future funding requests.

If you have any questions on submitting this form please contact the Office of International Affairs at 512-245-7966 or email