Application Requirements

IEP Application Form

Submit a copy of the Intensive English Program (IEP) application form online here. 


Submit a copy of your current passport.


If you are currently studying in the United States, submit a copy of your visa. If you are not studying in the United States, please move to Step 4. 

Permanent Residency Documents

If you are a permanent resident of the state of Texas, submit any permanent residency documents you may have. If you are not a permanent resident of Texas, move on to Step 5.


If you plan to study on an F-1 Student Visa, submit a letter from your bank or other financial institution (in English) showing access to funds equal to or greater than the amount required by the Financial Requirements Overview here. If you are not studying on an F-1 Student Visa, please continue to Step 6. 

Affidavit of Financial Support Form

If your tuition will be paid by any person other than you (a family member, friends, or sponsor), have that person complete the Affidavit of Financial Support Form here and submit it to TSIE. 

Financial Guarantee

If you will be financially sponsored by a 3rd party tuition sponsor (SACM, WAMS, etc.), submit a copy of your financial guarantee paperwork for admission into the Texas State Intensive English Program. If you will not be sponsored by a tuition sponsor, please go to the next step. 

Transcripts (transfer students only)

If you are currently studying in the United States at another university or English program, submit a copy of your most recent transcripts (list of grades) from your current English program or university. 

Application Fee

Pay the $55 non-refundable application fee in person at the TSIE office or online at the TSIE Store.


Shipping Fee for Admission Documents

If you are unable to pick up your acceptance letter and/or immigration documents directly from the TSIE office, you will need to submit a shipping fee through TSIE's mailing provider, University Express Mail Services, which you can find here. 

Transfer Immigration Records to Texas State

If you are currently studying in the United States on an F-1 Student Visa (you will be a transfer student), you will need to download, complete, and submit the SEVIS Transfer Record In Form here with the help of your current institution's International Office or English language program. 

TSIE Placement Exams

Arrive in San Marcos before the semester begins to take the level placement exams (check the date listed in your Pre-Arrival Information Packet or the acceptance email notification that you received). 

Conditional Admission (Bridge) Requirements

Students who wish to study in their academic fields (take academic classes) AND study in the intensive English program (take English classes) in their first semester should complete the steps for applying for their degree program. If you are interested in taking academic, credit-bearing classes in your first semester at Texas State, do NOT start with the steps for completing the intensive English program (IEP) application above.

Once you have completed the application for your degree program, the responsible admissions office at Texas will modify your record into a conditional admission record, based on your TOEFL or IELTS results (more information about tests results here).

Undergraduate / Bachelor's:

Admission Requirements for International Students here


Graduate / Master's & Doctoral / PhD:

Admission Requirements for International Students here