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Faculty & Staff Awards

The 2017-2018 award nominations are now closed


2016-2017 Award Recipients!

Mary Lou Bishop Staff Advisor of the Year

Glynis Christine

Left to Right: Bianca Beronio and Glynis Christine

John R. Hood Honors Professor of the Year

Ron Haas

Stephany Goodbread Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Devine

Left to Right: Anna Provenzano and Dr. Jennifer Devine

John R. Hood Honors Professor of the Year

The John R. Hood Honors Professor of the Year is chosen by honors students and awarded to a professor who has taught an honors class in the fall or spring semester. As we aim to provide a laboratory for innovative teaching that leads to undergraduate research and transformations in students' perceptions, this award is made to professors who have made an impact on honors students.

In 2016 we have named the Honors Professor of the Year award, the John R. Hood Honors Professor of the Year Award.  A beloved professor and friend, John Hood taught in Honors from 2008 to 2015, offering 9 different honors courses such as The Art of Storytelling, Playwriting: A Structured Approach, and Screenwriting, among others. John Hood passed away in July of 2015 after teaching for 7 years in the Honors College, supervising 23 Honors theses, and creating such structures as the SURF grant and TXSTUR. His love of teaching and significant impact on honors students will be remembered with this award.

Mary Lou Bishop Staff Advisor of the Year

Mary Lou Bishop served as administrative assistant in the Honors College from 1985 to 1996 when she retired. She deserves much of the credit for forming the Honors College into a place that welcomes students and makes them feel at home. Since 1996, this award has been given to staff members nominated by honors students for being helpful, outgoing, and good listeners.

Stephany Goodbread Faculty Advisor of the Year

The Stephany Goodbread Faculty Advisor of the Year award recognizes a faculty member who has been particularly helpful to honors students in an advising or mentoring role. Named after the late Stephany Goodbread, the award provides the opportunity for honors students to acknowledge faculty members from across the campus.

Stephany Goodbread served as the first assistant director in the Honors College before retiring in 1993. She helped establish the Honors College as a place where students' academic efforts are recognized and encouraged, where faculty and staff urge students to stretch, risk and find their element. Stephany Goodbread was known for her sense of humor, her compassion and her willingness to spend time with students. She passed away in December 2010.

Past Award Recipients

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