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Contact Room # Phone Number Email
Front Desk 407 5-2266
Dr. Heather Galloway, Dean 303 5-7916
Diann McCabe, Director of Academic Development/ Co-Chair of the Common Experience 408 5-2209
Robby Longoria, Senior Administrative Assistant 411B 5-2442
Melanie Liddle, Student Development Specialist II 505 5-2266
Michelle Sotolongo, Student Development Specialist I 410 5-6001
Dr. Ron Haas, Program Faculty 503 5-7207
Emily Hayes, Graduate Assistant 409 5-6686
Cristina Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant 411 5-2676

Useful Links

  • For thesis supervisors - find more information here.
  • Find more information on Contract Courses and Independent Study courses here.
  • Information about the Undergraduate Research Fund (URF) can be found here.
  • Information about TXSTUR, a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal, click here.
  • Propose an Honors course here.
  • Have an outstanding bobcat that you feel deserves recognition? Submit this student here for our "Student Spotlight".

Recommendation Letters for Students

Has a student recently asked you to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship or application? Please visit here for some tips on how to write the best letter for the student.

If you would like to see additional information on this webpage for faculty. Please email Miranda at