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Focus on Teen Pregnancy: An Interdisciplinary Panel

Focus on Teen Pregnancy: Interdisciplinary Panel

Three Honors students shared their thesis work on the controversial topic of teen pregancy. Texas has the highest pregnancy rate in the nation. The students briefly summarized their work and then answered questions. Attendees at the panel were able to observe the diversity of Honors theses as well as learn more about this important issue.

Jennifer Morgan

Supervising Professor: Mr. Jon Marc Smith, Department of English

Jennifer Morgan has written a screenplay for a pilot of a television series. The story of two mother/daughter pairs examines how each respond to a teen pregnancy, The work highlights issues about sex ed curriculum in high schools and how community views collide. The work inspires conversation and thought about a controversial topic.

Elia Bueno

Supervising Professor: Dr. Roque Mendez, Department of Psychology 

Elia Bueno has performed a psychology study to identify cultural issues related to Latinia pregnancy rates. The work questions issues such as contraceptive use, beliefs about unprotected sex and having an unplanned pregnancy among Latina teens in Texas. 

Molly Finneran 

Supervising Professor: Dr. Ani Yazedjian, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Molly Finneran is designing a peer education program for sex education to be implemented in a majority of Hispanic schools in Texas. This thesis examines the curriculum used in Texas high schools now and advocates how a peer education program could improve sex education in high schools.

Focus on Teen Pregnancy Event Details
Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:30-1:45 p.m. Lampasas 501