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Common Experience Gallery

Mind Into Matter: How Creating Art Affects Artists

Fall 2013 Exhibition at the Gallery of the Common Experience

August 26 - December 12, 2013

Art is a way of externalizing the internal. Artists are compelled by something internal, whether it’s inspiration, emotion, obsession or habit. Often the process of creating a work helps an artist seek relief, find contentment or achieve new understanding.

For this exhibition, the Gallery of the Common Experience examined how creating artwork affects the mind of the artist. Selections received from artists around the country addressed the ways in which art intersects with an artist's mentality: works made in a states of celebration and grief; pieces that coincided with paradigm shifts; psychological portraits; short films that involved eye-opening research and intense personal experiences; poetry written to express a state of mind; and works that resulted in emotional healing for the artist.

Selected artists included:

  • Glenda Adkinson
  • Brandi Alberson
  • Michael Curtis Asbill
  • Debangana Banerjee
  • Julio Barrientos
  • Alexha Bonner
  • Justin Brownell
  • Fred Childers
  • Carmen Clements
  • Sara Fields
  • Kelsey Floyd
  • Kathryn Garner
  • Erika Gentry
  • Daniel Bernard Gray
  • Michael Heredia
  • Ciara Knight
  • Michelle Rahbar
  • Clifton Riley
  • Courtney Simchak
  • Steve Wilson