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Dr. Heather C. Galloway, Dean
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Meet the Professor Schedule

        February 27th, 2014


             Alkek Teaching Theater





5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


5:30 PM

Dr. Heather C. Galloway

Opening Remarks


5:35 PM

B. Poston

Extraordinary Leadership

HON 3397J

5:39 PM

A. Stokes

Business Law

BLAW 2361

5:43 PM

E. Skerpan-Wheeler/K.Ward

The Individual and Society

HON 3394N

5:47 PM

R. Fischer/J. McWilliams

Eating Animals in America

HON 3396Z

5:51 PM

A. LeDuc

Urban Horticulture

HON 3396Y

5:55 PM

A. Qasem

Foundations of Comp Sci

CS 1428

5:59 PM

L. Fulton

Math and Stats of Gambling

HON 3397H

6:03 PM

M. Pujalte

Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 2310

6:07 PM

V. Lopes

Integral Ecology

HON 3395B

6:11 PM

L. Kosmitis

Origins of Civilization

HON 1390E

6:15 PM

E. Close

Teaching Phys Sci to Children

HON 3480C

6:19 PM

P. Martin

General Science I

GS 3310

6:23 PM

M. Warshauer

Elementary Number Theory

HON 3392V

6:27 PM

A. Winchell

Writing to Change the World

HON 1390L

6:31 PM

M. Miller

Cultural History of Mexico

HON 3397I

6:35 PM

J. Hood

Summer I: Art of Storytelling

HON 3396F

6:39 PM

J. Hood

Theatre of Revolt

HON 3394Q

6:43 PM

A. Gragera

Theory of Language

HON 3390Y

6:47 PM

S. Noll

Preserving Humanity

HON 3395P

6:51 PM

O. Renick

Baseball and the American Exp.

HON 2391F

6:55 PM

P. Burka

The Search for Right and Wrong in Politics

HON 3397K

6:59 PM

E. Morrison

Intro to Complementary/Altern Medicine

HON 2380F

7:03 PM

T. McCabe

Calculus I

MATH 2471

7:07 PM

L. Ellis-Lai


HON 3395X

7:11 PM

J. Hood


HON 3396C

7:15 PM

R. Haas

America in the Sixties

HON 2391G

7:19 PM

M. Burns

Re-Humanizing Communication


HON 2390N