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Wednesday Night Writes

Writing Doesn't Need to be Scary

We want to encourage more discussion about the writing process, and emphasize its importance without living in fear of the ugly sentences we all know we write. If you're interested in working on your writing with other people, join us for our Write Nights! Sessions begin at 6:30pm with a 25-30 minute workshop on a particular writing topic. Afterwards the Honors College Writing Preceptors will be on hand to help you develop and improve your work so bring your essays or other writing projects with you!  And, of course, there will be food. Check the Wednesday Night Writes calendar below or at the Honors College front desk or for details on weekly topics.

Upcoming Topic:

October 18: Paragraphing

Good paragraphs are critical to organizing your essay. Yet, many of us start a new paragraph only when the mood the strikes us (every 6 or 7 sentences seems about right?), if it strikes at all. Find out how to improve your paragraphs and structure your writing assignments.

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