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Thesis Forum

Honors student Courtney Simchak and her supervisor, Prof. Peirce

The Honors College holds a Thesis Forum each Fall semester to provide a venue for students to present their honors theses to the academic and University communities.  Along with providing leadership development for students in presentation skills, the Thesis Forum is seen as a celebration of the culmination of students' self-driven academic projects.  Open to all, the Forum acknowledges the academic achievement of the participants and seeks to inspire the spirit of academic curiosity in students, staff, and members of the community.

Schedules of Past Thesis Forums

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Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Thesis Forum Schedule

Friday November 15th, 2013

Lampasas 502B


10:20 am – 10:40 am                                                   Silvia Clark

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Practices: A Comparison between the United States and Brazil Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Framework

Supervising Professor: Dr. Robert Konopaske, Department of Management

Second Reader: Ms. Stephanie Noll, Department of English



10:40 am  - 11:00 am                                                      Katelyn Kelly

An Attempt for Control: The Investigation between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) to Evaluate the Internal and External Struggle of Anxiety.  

Supervising Professor: Dr. Shirley Ogletree, Department of Psychology



11:00 am – 11:20 am                                                    Tiffany Rainey

Watershed Journals

Supervising Professor: Mr. John Hood, Honors College



11:20 am – 11:40 am                                                    Kelsey Harmon

Chatting About Khat: Through Popular Media

Supervising Professor: Dr. Catherine Hawkins, School of Social Work



11:40 am – 12:00 pm                                              Alexandra Warner

For Honor and Country: Understanding the Link Between Football Hooliganism and Nationalism

Supervising Professor: Dr. Nathan Pino, Department of Sociology

Second Reader: Dr. Margaret Menninger, Department of History                   



12:40 pm -1:00 pm                                                       Michael Tarver

Rapid Detection of MRS via Immunological Assay

Supervising Professor: Dr. Shannon Weigum, Department of Biology



1:20 pm – 1:40 pm                                                       Rachel Bullock

Layperson Epistemology: Scientific Knowledge in the Information Age

Supervising Professor: Dr. Robert Fischer, Department of Philosophy

Second Reader: Dr. Peter Hutcheson, Department of Philosophy



1:40 pm – 2:00 pm                                                      Angelica Riojas

Characterization of IBR5 Interacting Protein in Arabidopsis.

Supervising Professor: Dr. Nihal Dharmasiri, Department of Biology


Fall 2012


Thesis Forum Schedule
Friday, November 30, 2012
Lampasas 502B

10:00 AM-10:20 AM
Gilbert, Fred
Religious Ritual in the Mixtec Culture: A Holistic Evaluation
Supervising Professor: Dr. Robert Williams, Department of Anthropology
Second Reader: Dr. F. Kent Reilly, Department of Anthropology

10:20 AM-10:40 AM
Young, Sarah Emily
Greening the Town Centers of America: An Investigation into the Sustainability of Building Reuse in Relation to the Economy and Environment
Supervising Professor: Mr. Pax Chagnon, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

10:40 AM-11:00 AM
Bell, Michael
Perceived Competence as a Function of Attire in a Business Context
Supervising Professor: Dr. Roque Mendez, Department of Psychology

11:00 AM-11:20 AM
Brandsma, Elliott
Sheep, Volcanoes, and International Conflict: Mapping the Twentieth- Century Icelandic Consciousness through Art and Fiction
Supervising Professor: Mr. John Hood, Honors College

11:20 AM-11:40 AM
Smith, William Edward
A Race for Superiority in the English Channel: Naval Theory, Strategy, and Diplomacy, 1870-1914
Supervising Professor: Dr. Ellen Tillman, Department of History
Second Reader: Dr. Margaret Menninger, Department of History

11:40 AM-12:00 PM
Kuykendall, Robert
Improved Ranking of Rated Content Through Linear Prediction
Supervising Professor: Dr. Dan Tamir, Department of Computer Science


1:00 PM-1:20 PM
McLean, Nicholas
English: The Birth Of A World Language
Supervising Professor: Dr. Matthew Juge, Department of Modern Languages

1:40 PM-2:00 PM
Tritsch, Katherine
Moving Beyond Sustainability at Institutes of Higher Education: The Potential of a Permaculture Initiative
at Texas State University-San Marcos

Supervising Professor: Dr. Kenneth Mix, Department of Agriculture
Second Reader: Dr. Ronald Hagelman, Department of Geography

2:00 PM-2:20 PM
Word, Jennifer Lee
Pet Perks: An Examination and Analysis of the Relationship Between Companion Animals and the Development of Empathy
Supervising Professor: Dr. Stanley Friedman, Department of Psychology

2:20 PM-2:40 PM
Lucio, Mario
Lexington and Concord: What the Battle Reveals about the State of the British Army in Boston at the Outbreak of the Revolution
Supervising Professor: Dr. Shannon Duffy, Department of History

2:40 PM-3:00 PM
Simchak, Courtney
Deep Murmur Deep
Supervising Professor: Ms. Kathleen Peirce, Department of English
Second Reader: Ms. Katie Geha, School of Art and Design

Spring 2012

Ahrendt, Hylary Kirsten

The Role of Cultural Dimensions in International Relations: Findings from Experiential Learning in South India

Supervising Professor: Dr. Sandhya Rao, School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Alexatos, Andreina M.

How to Deal with Waste: A Look at Creative Ways to Reinvent Our Neighborhood

Supervising Professor: Dr. Craig Hanks, Department of Philosophy

Second Reader: Dr. Joseph Rumbo, Department of Sociology


Bishop, Trista N.

Competing Values: An Evaluation of SOPA’s Impact on Intellectual Property Rights and Free Speech

Supervising Professor: Dr. Gilbert D. Martinez, School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Brown, Abigail Michelle

Beyond the Castle

Supervising Professor: John Hood, Honors College

Brown, Mandy A.


Supervising Professor: Mr. John Hood, Honors College


Clairmont, Todd Logan

The Effects of Monetary Policy on the Six Major Metropolitan Areas in Texas

Supervising Professor: Dr. David Beckworth, Department of Finance and Economics

Second Reader: Dr. James LeSage, Department of Finance and Economics

Degner, Zachary A.

Deaf Perception: How Brain Plasticity Affects Visual Skills in Deaf Persons

Supervising Professor: Dr. Michele Oliver, Department of Psychology

Fedak, Anne Therese

The Effects of Physical Activity on the Stereotypic Behaviors of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supervising Professor: Dr. Ting Liu, Department of Health and Human Performance


Fisher, Nicole Renee

Revolutionary Mode: An Analysis of Communist Rhetoric Surrounding the Disney Corporation

Supervising Professor: Mr. Jeremy Hutchins, Department of Communication Studies


Frangeskou, Athena

Spatial Depth Cues in Temporal Reasoning

Supervising Professor: Dr. Reiko Graham, Department of Psychology

Gauntner, Ashleigh G.

Mothers' Knowledge of Communication Development (Fall 2011 SURF Grant Awardee)

Supervising Professor: Dr. Alisha Richmond, Department of Communication Disorders

Gray, Daniel Bernard

Meaning and Materiality: An Investigation into the Meaning of Natural Materials from the Big Bend of Texas (Spring 2011 SURF Grant Awardee)

Supervising Professor: Thomas Fitzpatrick, School of Art and Design

Co-Investigator: Billi London-Gray


Hagans, Caitlin

Image of the 21st Century Vagabond in America

Supervising Professor: Dr. Craig Hanks, Department of Philosophy

Second Reader: Mr. John Hood, Honors College


Herrera, Ryan

Government Evolution and the Democratic Ideal: Applying Pragmatism as a Method for Success

Supervising Professor: Mr. Wayne Kraemer, Department of Communication Studies

Holdford, Alexander Scott

Gender Identification Using Possessive Pronouns in English and Spanish

Supervising Professor: Dr. Roxane Cuellar Allsup, Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Khatiwada, Sulap

Barrier and Difficulties of International Students for Higher Studies in the USA

Supervising Professor: Dr. Ani Yazedjian, School of Family and Consumer Sciences


Horst, Kimberly A.

The General Education Teacher’s Guidebook to Special Education

Supervising Professor: Mrs. Laura Judd, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Jordan, Brett W.

Reviving the Renaissance: An Analysis of Nuclear Power’s Future in the Electric Power Market

Supervising Professor: Dr. Joni Charles, Department of Finance and Economics

Second Reader: Dr. Vance Lesseig, Department of Finance and Economics

Kite, Kelsey

Instructing Children in the Use of Computing Technology Through Physical Connections with Digital and Mobile Devices

Supervising Professor: Mr. Grayson Lawrence, School of Art and Design


Laughlin, Ryan P.

Magnetic and Structural Properties of Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films Grown on Si Substrates by MBE

Supervising Professor: Dr. Nikoleta Theodoropoulou, Department of Physics

Larson, Larissa Faith

Fashioning the Self: An Exploration of French Women's Construction of Identity through Dress

Supervising Professor: Dr. Keila Tyner, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Laurie, Mandi

I Tell or You Tell: The Intersection Between Stigmas and Disclosure

Supervising Professor: Dr. Randall Osborne, Department of


Martinez, Rhonda

Chronicles of a Student Teacher

Supervising Professor: Dr. Rubén Garza, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Second Reader: Dr. Terence McCabe, Department of Mathematics


McClung, Christina Lynn

Characterization of Auxin Responses in Brachypodium Distachyon, a Model Monocot Plant (Fall 2011 SURF Grant Awardee)

Supervising Professor: Dr. Nihal Dharmasiri, Department of Biology

Meehan, Kathryn L.

Immigrants via Popular Culture: A Study of the Portrayal of Various Immigrant Cultures in Vaudeville

Supervising Professor: Dr. Patricia L. Denton, Department of History


Miller, Joshua M.

A Whole New Ballgame: Understanding and Adapting to India¹s emerging Middle Class Market

Supervising Professor: Dr. Chinna Natesan, Department of Marketing

Moore, Alysha Michele

Purification and Characterization of DszB using the Substrate Analog Thiourea Dioxide

Supervising Professor: Dr. Linette Watkins, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Richardson, Brianne Jayla

Once Upon a Fairytale Romance

Supervising Professor: Dr. Federico Subervi, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Second Readers: Dr. Roque Mendez, Department of Psychology; Mrs. Olga Wilson, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Roark, Sarah Elizabeth

Investigation of Unexpected Fluorescence in Zebrafish Optic Nerve

Supervising Professor: Dr. Dana García, Department of Biology


Schnarr, Kelly Danielle

The Moon and the Origin of Frankenstein

Supervising Professor: Dr. Donald W. Olson, Department of Physics

Schultz, Annie Ruth

Forbidden Love: A Discussion of the Arabic Influence on the Courtly Love Poetry of Medieval Provincial Europe

Supervising Professors: Ms. JoAnn Labay, Department of English; Dr. Susan Morrison, Department of English


Stanton, Sara Sibel

SOX Turns 10: Analyzing The Relevance of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2012

Supervising Professor: Dr. Kasey Martin, Department of Accounting


Thompson, Dori Lynne

A Rather Tall Tale: An Extinct Cretaceous Redwood from the McRae Formation of New Mexico

Supervising Professor: Dr. Garland Upchurch, Department of Biology

Vela-Gude, Maria Luisa

Comparisons of Attractiveness, Weight, and Ideal Body Types Between Hispanic/Latina and White/Anglo College-Aged Women

Supervising Professor: Dr. Reiko Graham, Department of Psychology


Willis, Briane Rose

The Weight of Water: Female Empowerment Through Gender Mainstreaming and Integrated Water Resource Management

Supervising Professor: Dr. Audrey McKinney, Department of Philosophy

Second Reader: Dr. Brock Brown, Department of Geography

Watt, Ethan M.

Effective Incentives: A Proposal of Two Changes to United States Federal Law to Improve Working Conditions in Overseas Factories

Supervising Professor: Dr. Alexis Stokes, Department of Finance and Economics

Spring 2010

Aaron, Ragan E.
Expressive Arts and Anxiety
Ansley, Brenna M.
Queer Representations of Sadomasochism in Lunacy and The Night Porter
Beebower, Michael M.
Electrochemical Reduction of Organobromides Catalyzed by Novel Dicobalt Complex Having 2 Salen Units
Blackburn-Rader, Katelyn
From Email To Twitter: How Social Networking Sites Change Texas Campaigns
Blatzer, Katherine Louise
Dreams to Reality
Bolfing, Christopher B.
The Paradigm of the Periphery in Native America
Bugg, Alyssa
Musicians’ Hearing Loss: Defining Problems and Designing Solutions
Coverly, Chelsea
Genesis B: Effectively Teaching Old English Literature to High School English Students
Frank, Rebekah Gail
Cover Your Eyes: Considering Empathetic Response in Reviewing Visual Art Conveying Trauma
Gibbs, Rachel E.
Mystical Relations: A Study of Feminine Relationships with Christ in the High Middle Ages
Gregory, Allison
British Dialect for the American Stage
Jackson, Amber
The Diamond Effect
Jarrard, Jenny K.
Contagious Disease: The Rise and Fall of Nineteenth Century British Prostitution Regulation
Pickett, Lela
Azjen’s Theory of Planned Behavior as it Relates to Body Satisfaction and Eating Disorders
Lee, Ji Eun
Factors that Affect the Difference in Preferences for Using Celebrities in Ads Between So. Korea and the U.S.
Lewis, Deziree
Mu Suppression, Mirror Neuron Activity, and Empathy


Lormor, Timothy
Archiving A Dream: The In Your Dreams Collection
Maddox, Carter
¡Átame! to Take: Visioning Almodóvar onto the American Stage
McCabe, Samuel
Crafting a Political Message from a Scientific Survey
Coleman Medina, Naomi R.
Printed Media and the Imprint It Leaves On Gender Attitudes



Narioka, Kosaku
Searching for the Point of No Return in the Failure of the Oslo Peace Process
Pope, Ava G.

Astronomical Dating of Edvard Munch’s Summer Sky Paintings


Stamets, Sara E.

Creating the Journaling Workshop



Williams, Sarah A.
Conceptions of Birth: A Theoretical Analysis of Birth Practices in the US and Mexico






Spring 2011

Abel, Wesley E.
Sink or Swim: Current Tax Policies Affecting the United States Competitiveness Abroad
Adrian, Anthony C.
Many Relationships and the Problem of the Many
Barton, Brittany N.
An Observational Study of Ukranian Mail Order Brides
Berryman, Stephanie J.
Driven to Learn: A Study on Why ELL Students Lose Interest in Literacy and What Can Be Done about It
Clark, Megan Nicole
An Assessment of the Quality of Foods Offered on Children’s Menus in San Marcos, Texas
Faurie, Danielle K.
A Qualitative Analysis of the Perceptions of Iowa Corn Farmers Regarding Alternative Energy Usage and a Proposal for Policy Change
Fuller, Angelika M.
A Geographic Analysis of Immigrant Detention in the USA: The Distribution and Environmental Contexts of Detention Centers
Gallier, Katelyn B.
Cloning, Sequencing, and Analysis of the Promoter for the Gene PDCD4A in Xiphophorus Species
Gates, Stephen Thomas
Characterization of Beta Amyloid Formation and It’s Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease
Gomez, Beatriz
Giving Voices to the Voiceless: Stories of Undocumented Students of Hispanic Origin at Texas State University
Gordyn, Edgar C.
Dante’s Ulysses: Damnation and Salvation in the Commedia
Hadley, Sarah E.
Evaluating the Consumption of Licensed University Apparel and Its Relationship to Pride at Texas State University- San Marcos
Holk, Victor George
With Words as Strong as Warriors
Howard, Ashleah N.
Reverse Engineering the Crystal Ball: What Media Portrayals Say about Preparing for a Career in Law
Jackson, Corey S.
Solving the Musicians’ Diemma: Duplicating the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians in Other Music Cities
Kendrick, Linda P.
We Have Decided Not to Die: One Woman’s Journey through Dissociative Identity Disorder
Lanning, Emily C.
Magical Women Who Do Magic Without Being Men: Nontraditional Female Heroes in a World Without Gender Norms
Lindsey, Jon M.
Dare to Wear
Logan, Gabe C.
Social and Economic Factors that Affect Emergency Medical Services Call Volume
Lowenstein, Sarah H.
The Effects of Media Literacy Education on Latino Youth in Austin, Texas
McDowell, Brett Joseph
Master Limited Partnerships: Valuation Implications of Switching to Corporate Form
Reiter, Karissa M.
Eating on Purpose: Creating Recipes from the Specific Effects of Food on the Mind and Body
Richey, Jon D.
Estimates of Atmospheric CO2 for Warm Climates of the Late Cretaceous Using Fossil Lauraceae
Rowell, Melissa N.
0% More Water: A Geographic Comparison of the Conservation Strategies of San Antonio Water Systems and Colorado Springs Utilities
Sanders, Brian Z.
Attitudes towards Treatment of Mental Problems and the Effect on Willingness to Seek Treatment


Schramm, Amanda M.
From Solicitor General to the Supreme Court: Deciphering the Voting Tendencies of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan


Travina, Anastasiya
Khipu Language and Cosmology: The Dualism of the Andean Cosmology, Culture and Language as Reflected in the Binary Coding System of the Khipu

Pictures from Past Thesis Forums