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HON 3391A Science Fiction & Society

Student Comments

"I for sure will be reading more about science fiction and hopefully remaining/becoming friends with my classmates through a SciFi book club."

"I have an even deeper interest in science fiction now, which will (a) supply an even richer common interest to share with my husband, and (b) supply endless hours of suspense, intrigue, and joy to my leisure time."

"I now view sci-fi as a legitimate sub-branch of fiction with many intrinsic merits that relate both to my field and to social issues.  I realize that sci-fi is an effective vessel for social critique/commentary and I am eager to read more without fear of being looked down upon for enjoying this more obscure branch."

"I have a better understanding of the true scope of what qualifies as science fiction and of the significant changes it is capable of providing."

"I believe that I am more well-rounded and able to dissect a broader variety of literary texts."

"It has taught me to appreciate the viewpoints offered in art work and has helped me to develop a stronger appreciation for literature."

"I have a new respect of science fiction and being a creative writing student, that means a lot.  I have been introduced to new authors and styles that have really broadend my general knowledge."

"I have rekindled my love of reading."

"This course gave me a new found appreciation of literature and its contribution to education.  I hope to continue reading science fiction."

"It's helped me develop intellectually.  I will most certainly look deeper into the literature I read from now on."