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Honors Intro to Humanities I & II

Honors student holding books
Honors student Edgar Gordyn presenting on The Odyssey, The Aeneid of Virgil, and The Inferno of Dante.

Fall 2012 Course Information

Laws and the Individual: Introduction to Humanities I
This course explores various manifestations of natural law, man-made laws, and laws perceived as divinely ordained. We will begin in anciet Sumaria and conclude the course by reading texts that have come to epitomize aspects of early modern Europe. We then look at Ancient Greek and Roman culture before entering the medieval period. The focus of the course will be the Middle Ages. Themes will include ethical behavior and judgment, the soverenignty of the state, subjectivity of the individual, and gender. Students will be reading great works of liteature. This is a team-taught class with debate, engagement, and interdisciplinary approaches to the work under consideration.

Substitution(s): Sophomore Literature, Advanced ENG, Advanced POSI or Advanced PHIL

General Course Information

For Humanities I and II, students will be exposed to two professors from two different disciplines, focusing on a theme that explores great works. The team-taught format, which we consider vital to the program, pairs a faculty member from Political Science, Philosophy, or History with a faculty member from either English or Modern Languages.

Designed to be as flexible as possible, these courses allow different instructors to choose their own themes and emphases within the general parameters of engaging with significant "great books" or humanities texts. The courses are organized chronologically, from Classical to early modern and from Enlightenment to the present. They are also based on graduate Humanities courses.

Several instructors who formerly taught in the graduate Humanities program have been teaching the Honors courses. Instructors who have taught the Honors Humanities offerings include Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler (English) with Ken Ward (Political Science), Lucy Harney (Spanish) with Cecilia Castillo (Political Science), Elizabeth Makowski (History) with Susan Morrison (English), Kenneth Grasso (Political Science) with Carole Martin (French), Robert Tally (English) with Rebecca Raphael (Philosophy), and Ken Ward (Political Science) with Blake Locklin (Spanish).

Students do not need to take a course in sequential order, and can take one course alone without taking the second course.

HON 3394N Introduction to Humanities I

Fall 2012


Dr. Susan Morrison, Department of English

Dr. Elizabeth Makowski, Department of History

Days/time: T 2:00-4:50 PM

Location: FH G04

HON 3394P Introduction to Humanities II

Spring 2013


Dr. Rebecca Raphael, Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Carole Martin, Department of Modern Languages