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Honors Staff

Associate Dean

Melanie Liddle
Student Development Specialist II

Ron Haas, PhD
Senior Lecturer


Student Coordinators

Student coordinators are the sprockets that keep the Honors machine running, and you caffeinated throughout the day.


Major: Electrical Engineering

What is your favorite thing about the Honors College?: My favorite thing about the Honors College has to be the atmosphere and expectation of excellence, as well as the encouragement and the resources offered to facilitate reaching that expectation.


Major: Criminal Justice

What is your favorite honors course & why? My favorite honors course was Free Speech, Free Press, and the Supreme Court of the United States with Dr. Gilbert Martinez because it was very challenging and closely resembled a graduate law course, which I plan to be in after I receive my undergraduate degree. Because of this it was very helpful in encouraging me to work hard and set goals. 


Major: Accounting

Have you had an experience in the Honors College that you think you wouldn't have gotten otherwise? I feel like being part of the Honors College has made me more aware of what goes on around campus, and about the numerous opportunities that I can take advantage of during my time in college.  


Major: Biology

Who is your favorite honors professor and why? My favorite honors professor is Professor Winchell who I had an interesting conversation with on the process of developing a storyline for video games.



Major: Wildlife Biology

Who is your favorite honors professor and why? My favorite honors professor is Dr. Jon Lasser because he is easy to engage in a conversation and he is very open when it comes to hearing other people's opinions.


Major: Theatre

Who is your favorite honors professor and why? I've had three professors here at the Honors College and I can't choose a favorite. They were all great!


Major: General Studies

Favorite Honors Course & Why: Toss up between the Storytelling for Video Games and Professor Jordan Morille's classes.


Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Honors

What is your favorite thing about the Honors College? My favorite thing about the Honors College is the high concentration of unimaginably incredible professors. SUCH GOOD DISCUSSIONS.



Major: Philosophy (Pre-Med)

Minor: Chemistry

Favorite Honors Course: Exorcism and demonology has been my favorite honors class thus far because of all the interesting and unique topics we covered throughout the course. As daunting as the title may sound it exceeded all expectations and even gave way to my honors thesis topic.


Major: Music Education

Why did you apply to the Honors College? I applied to the Honors college because I wanted to push myself. I've always taken advanced classes throughout my years in school and I didn't want college to be any different. I wanted to make sure I made the most out of my time in college.

Honors Staff Profiles

Heather Galloway

Heather C. Galloway, PhD


Dr. Heather Galloway is a professor of Physics and teaches a wide range of classes including: University Seminar, Freshman Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and Building a Greener Future: One Home at a Time. Her research and professional activities now focus on science education and her favorite part about being the Honors Dean is reading all the honors theses.

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Michelle Sotolongo

Student Development Specialist I

Michelle was born in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and Cuban father; raised with one older sister in Houston, TX. She graduated from Texas State University, Magna Cum Laude, in 2007 with a BFA in Studio Art-Metals/Jewelry, and Fashion Merchandising minor. Additionally, she completed an undergraduate Honors thesis titled "What Would Jesus Wear?: the Fashioning of the Cross". Michelle is finalizing research for her Master's thesis in International Studies, titled "In Limbo: Bringing Stability to Undocumented Students Enrolled at Institutions of Higher Education in Central Texas".

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Melanie Liddle

Melanie Liddle

Student Development Specialist II

Melanie Liddle is the Student Development Specialist II for the Honors College as of spring 2017. She earned her BA with Honors in History at Austin College,  which included a thesis, "The Boston Massacre or "Massacre"?: A Study in Patriot Propaganda Debates". She has also completed graduate studies in History and Historical Archaeology at the College of William and Mary. Melanie's focus is supporting and showcasing undergraduate research at Texas State.  She is a strong and dedicated presence in the Honors College.

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Robby Longoria

Administrative Assistant

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Dr. Haas

Ron Haas, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Ron Haas is an intellectual historian of Modern Europe and the United States who received his PhD from Rice University in 2007. His research and teaching interests include the “Global 1960s” and European and American traditions of radical and utopian thought.  Ron also has extensive experience teaching expository writing and working with student writers.  Since joining Texas State University in Fall 2013, he has taught popular courses such as “The 1960s: A History of Movements and Ideas,” “America vs. the World: The History of a Love-Hate Relationship,” and “Alienation and Authenticity: in Search of the Modern Self.”  Ron also enjoys advising seniors as instructor of the thesis course (4390B).  His main goals as a liberal arts educator are to welcome students to the “life of the mind” and introduce them to critical perspectives they can use in their own lives.   

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Michael Burns, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Burns earned his Ph.D. in Communication from North Dakota State University. He is an applied communication researcher whose professional experiences include working for NBC’s Today Show at the 2006 Torino, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London, and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer in both the Department of Communication Studies and the Honors College who teaches a variety of courses including two Honors College courses titled Re-Humanizing Communication and Talking Like TED. Dr. Burns also serves as a Faculty in Residence for the Laurel Honors House, where he lives and works with the Honors and Terry Scholars Living Learning Communities. 

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Jordan Morille

Jordan Morille, MFA


Mr. Jordan Morille will be joining the Honors College in Fall 2017 as a professor of Theatre. He graduated from Texas State University with an MFA in Dramatic Writing, earned multiple awards for his work, and published a one-act (Norma's Rest) in The Best American Short Plays 2014-2015. Though he will be new to the Honors College, Jordan has been teaching classes like Playwriting, Screenwriting, and Dramatic Adaptation since 2014.

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Emily Hayes

Graduate Assistant

Emily Hayes graduated from Texas State University in the fall of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a minor in Health and Wellness Promotion, Summa Cum Laude. She is currently studying to get her Masters in Health Education. Emily’s goal is to make a difference in the health of people in her community.  Emily’s hobbies include hiking with her fiancé Philip, her friend Deana, and her dog Sandy.

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Cristina Rodriguez

Graduate Assistant

Cristina Rodriguez graduated from Texas State University in Spring 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and minors in Music and Honors Studies. Her thesis titled, "Effects of Undergraduate Housing on Mental Health," helped foster her love for research in an educational setting. She is pursuing her Specialist degree in School Psychology and enjoys spending time with her two cats, Anakin and Audrey.

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