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Current & Transfer Application

Application for acceptance into the Honors College at Texas State.  If you have not applied to the university yet, please visit the admissions web site at


All currently enrolled Texas State students and transfer students should have a GPA of 3.25 or greater. A student must be transferring in with 12 or more hours of college credit earned after graduation from high school to qualify as a transfer student. 

Deadline Information

The Honors College accepts applications on a rolling basis so there is no deadline for applying to the Honors College.


current Texas State students must apply before 5 p.m. September 1 or February 1 to ensure the benefit of priority registration. Priority registration is not available to incoming transfer students.

applicants accepted after May 1 will be unable to register for honors classes until the late registration period. Please refer to the Academic Calendar to view the late registration access period.


Current mailing address

Permanent Address (If different than current mailing address.)

***If you select "Yes," please have your current academic advisor send an email to the Texas State Honors College ( to ensure your automatic enrollment.

For more information, please visit our admissions policies page.

All applicants to the Honors College must write a focused, well-developed essay of 500 to 750 words (2 1/2 pages) on one of the following topics.  No essay topic listed below is preferred over another.

  1. One of the unique features of the Honors College is that every student completes a thesis prior to graduation.  Although most honors students sign up for the thesis course during their final semester, their thesis projects often represent the culmination of years of study and research into a focused topic they feel passionately about.  Describe a topic that is of particular interest to you and that you hope to explore as an undergraduate.  What first drew you in to this topic and what personal significance does it hold for you?   How does your engagement with this topic relate to your chosen fields of study and/or your career plans? 
  2. The Honors College prides itself on being a diverse community; our students come from a wide variety of social, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds and represent nearly every undergraduate degree program on campus.  As a student at Texas State University, how do you see yourself contributing to the diversity of the honors community?  In your essay, you may choose to focus on elements of your life story, on your academic and professional interests, or on both.
  3. You may also submit an essay on a topic of your own choosing.  Please state the topic at the beginning of your essay.